What is the Midwest Gaming Classic?

The show features home video game consoles both retro and modern, pinball machines, arcade video games, computers, table top gaming, crane games, collectible card games and air hockey, but that’s just the start! If you’re wondering about what you’ll find when you come to the show click “Learn More” and I’ll explain what the event is all about.

Dan Loosen

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about celebrating gaming. This is a show by gamers, for gamers. The show began in 2001 as a celebration of one of our favorite game consoles, and it has blossomed since then into a 60,000+ square foot gaming extravaganza that covers everything a gamer could want to know about the industry, and it features the the communities and fans surrounding these awesome activities introducing you to them!

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about trying new things. No matter what you are into now, we want you to stop in and try your hand at a little bit of everything. If you like the old school games, try some of the latest ones. If you like new games, try some of the old. If you like pinball, take the time to check out a table top game. The Midwest Gaming Classic will introduce you to all aspects of gaming, and you might find something new that you love!

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about learning things about the hobby of gaming. No one knows every aspect about his or her favorite aspects of gaming. Whether you find out something new by interacting with the person that created the game or just another fan, there are lots of great opportunities to learn new and exciting things about your favorite hobby.

The Midwest Gaming Classic is about meeting other people who share the love of gaming. The event is a place where friends who chat on the internet get together to meet face-to-face for the first time; where old friends run into each other and discuss their favorite arcade game that they used to play together as kids in the arcade. Everyone can meet new friends who share a common interest.

Finally, the Midwest Gaming Classic is fun. If you enjoy any sort of gaming, you will have fun playing your favorites, competing against others, hearing from people in the industry about how games are made and finding new games to purchase and play. No matter if you only have one console and a handful of games or thousands of games in every room of your house, you’ll have fun.

Check back often to find out all about the exciting things that will be happening at the show. Thanks for stopping by today, and make sure to say “hi” to me when you see me at the show!

Latest News

Gold Standard Air Hockey Bringing Tables, World Champion

We’re extremely pleased to announce that for the first time ever, in 2015 the arcade staple air hockey is coming to the Midwest Gaming Classic!  And there just aren’t any air hockey tables – these are Gold Standard Air Hockey tables from the company of the same time! Check out [...]

Arcade Tournaments Announce with All Castle

This year, All Castle Games is helping to host two amazing tournaments!  The first is on Saturday at 7pm is a 16 player Pac-Man Battle Royale!  Hop onto this engaging machine and use your classic skills to take on real opponents in this modern twist to the awesome Pac-Man gameplay.  Single players move on to [...]

Crane Games Coming for 2015

In a genre of games you find at the arcade that we have never had represented well before, for the first time in 2015, the Midwest Gaming Classic will feature a limited number of crane games!  Put in your money to try to win plush, or be a winner every time with our Candy Cranes!  [...]

Panini America Returns As Family Day Sponsor

The Midwest Gaming classic is pleased to welcome back long time show supporter Panini America!  Panini America is the licensed manufacturer of trading cards for the NFL, NBA, FIFA and multiple entertainment products including Frozen and Spider-Man. With so many great trading card possibilities, Panini America has a product for every collector in your house!

While [...]

Pokemon Podcast Returns, Nintendo Joins the Fun!

The popular Pokemon Podcast room is returning in 2015 and will again host an extra special guest – Nintendo!  Stop in the Pokemon Podcast room to find all of your favorite Pokemon games and talk to the people being the It’s Super Effective Podcast.  This is always a great room to hang out in and [...]

Dirty Donny at the MGC!

The Midwest Gaming Classic is pleased to welcome Donny Gilles, or “Dirty Donny” to this year’s show!  Donny is the artist behind many iconic band album covers, show posters and merchandise and is also the designer behind the graphic work on the incredible Metallica pinball machine!

Donny will be on hand Friday night for the VIG [...]

MGC Wacky Draft

We’ve gone wacky, and you benefit from it! If you love playing Magic and trying to figure out how to best construct decks, you’ll love the Magic: The Gathering Wacky Draft!  We’re combining up a bunch of packs from completely varied sets into special draft packs, and when you and three friends get a set, [...]

Video Game Tournaments Announced

The Midwest Gaming Classic is a great place to play and show off the skills that you have in gaming! We have just announced our line up of great and FREE video game tournaments for 2015! Headlined by the returning Midwest Tetris Championship that spans both days, players will also be able to compete against [...]

Doubletree Extends Room Availability

Our partner hotel has extended it’s dates to get a room! If you still need a room, the Sheraton has been long sold out, but we’ve worked with the nearby Doubletree for a great deal! $96 will get you a room, and the Doubletree will run a limited shuttle service to and from the show! [...]

One Month Until Showtime – How To Help!

We’re one month away from showtime, and we’re getting really excited! Not just have we announced some awesome brand new things for 2015 like the new MilCoG table top area and the brand new MGC Music local band showcase, but we have a bunch of additional stuff that we’re working on and expect to announce [...]