The playable Classic Gaming and Computer Museum is one of the most exciting, longest running exhibits at the Midwest Gaming Classic! This one-of-a-kind interactive museum contains one of the largest collections of systems from the very early computer & TV systems all the way up to modern systems such as the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U! Whether it is remembering the fun you had with a Colecovision or an NES when you were younger, or if you want a chance to try out a system that you never got to play like a TurboDuo or a Vectrex, the Classic Gaming and Computing Museum allows you to play all of these and more!


What Will Be There?

The Classic Gaming and Computer Museum is located in a 3,000+ square foot room, and has many displays spilling out into the hallway too! These include the following:

  • The classic Electronic Entertainment Museum (E2M) will return with classic computers and game consoles from the earliest pong machines up until the NES.
  • The popular Midwest Light Gun Association (MLGA) will return with some of the most popular light gun games.
  • Prove your virtual street fighting prowess in the MGC Fight Club! Play current and classic head to head fighting games ranging from Super Street Fighter IV and Killer Instinct to cult classics.
  • Console Wars will pit various consoles against one another on Saturday like just who had the best version of Street Fighter 2, and then on Sunday many of the popular platform mascots will make an appearance including Mario and Sonic!
  • A new Friends & Enemies area will feature the best in co-op and competitive gaming across most genres like sports, fighting, action, puzzle, and first person shooters.

This area will also feature the return of several standalone title exhibits including giant Smash Bros competitions!