You never know what you are going to find at the MGC! From arcade video and pinball machines, parts, art, collectibles, toys, retro games, modern consoles, unique items, arcade boards, services, clothing, and more, if gamers like it, you’ll probably find it here. The following are just a few examples of the many great vendors that you’ll find at the show!

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Vendor Sponsors



Cerulean Games

Cerulean Games specializes in 1980s and 1990s Nintendo, SEGA, and PlayStation Products! Their reasonably priced selection will appeal to all, whether you are the casual gamer or the condition sensitive collector! They are always looking to add to their inventory, and pay top dollar. Look for the gold showcases! Cerulean Games on Facebook




O-Nett Gaming Company

O-Nett Gaming Co. is excited to return for their third consecutive Midwest Gaming Classic. Be sure to stop by our booth for a large selection of video games ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox One. We also carry both new and vintage accessories and memorabilia including products from Hyperkin and Funko. For more information, checkout their Facebook page:




Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC returns for their third year to the Midwest Gaming Classic. Stop by the Packrat Games Underdog Chamber for a great selection of homebrew games produced for the Atari 2600, Odyssey2 / Videopac, and Vectrex consoles. A large portion of Packrat’s inventory will be for sale, along with some brand new homebrew games that will be introduced at the show! Vintage systems - new games!



REBL Image

REBL Image

REBL Image is a local business based in northern Illinois. They specialize in laser cutting/engraving and creating custom art with wood and plastic. Creative customization is our passion. REBL Image is excited to return to the Midwest Gaming Classic and share their fan art with you! Check them out at or




Siegecraft Electronics

Siegecraft Electronics specializes in helping you maintain classic pinball machines. They offer an extensive lineup of diagnostic tools for all generations of Williams machines, which are easy to use and toolbox friendly to use on the road. Check out their new easy to install LED adapter boards for Classic Bally/Stern machines as well. For more information on Siegecraft Electronics, visit their web site at



The Goat Store has it all!

The GOAT Store, LLC

The GOAT Store, LLC is one of the largest classic game stores online, featuring everything from the Intellivision and 2600 to the Dreamcast and more! With over 10,000 unique products in stock, if you are looking for a rare game to complete your collection or an old favorite just to play again, you can find it at the GOAT Store, LLC. They are Your One-Stop Classic Gaming Shop! The GOAT Store, LLC will also have their stock of new Dreamcast games available for play and purchase at the show.





Trade-n-games is excited to return for the 8th year as both a vendor and sponsor of the show with their largest booth and selection ever! They are bringing more current generation games and accessories and even more retro goodness for all. For more details, please checkout their website:



Alex Prast
American Treasures LLC
Arcade Works
Beef Min Games
Brian Lynn
Burning River Entertainment LLC
Carlson Stevens
Donovan Scherer
Freaktoyz Collectibles
Game Guys
Jedi Master’s Toys & Collectibles
Johnny Cee Cards
Kelan McAteer
Kowabunga Comics
Michael Everhart
Mr. Soda Pop
One Man Surf Party
Pinball Classics / Rob Anthony
Day One Pinball
Pinball Salvage
Pinup and the Pirate
Quill Forest
R & T Video Games
Rainarc Rhapsody
Rick Shendel
Ryan LaMere
Triad Games
Universal Collectibles
Video Game X-Change
Videogames Then & Now
Windy Gaming