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Williams, Ken

Ken Williams, the original writer of Sushi-X for EGM magazine, was known for his love of fighting games and the infamous Sheng Long trick in the April (fools) 1992 issue of EGM that ended up being reprinted without verification worldwide and influenced the creation of both Akuma and Gouken… an incredible legacy for a guy who loved fighting games to get! Meet him at the show and challenge him to a round of SF2 while you’re at it!

Kiddie Rides

Thanks to KingPin Games, the kids (and those young at heart…) can check out more than 20 Kiddie Rides! Enjoy them for free, and even purchase them to take home with you or put on location when the show is done! Want to reserve one for delivery at the show? Contact Chris at KingPin at (608) 393-2299 for current inventory and pricing!

MGC Main Stage

The MGC Main Stage features bands, wrestling, tournaments, game shows, and even the epic MGC After Party Saturday night! Don’t want your MGC fun to end Sunday night? The stage stays open a little extra beyond show close to bringing an epic end to the weekend!

Vendor Hall

Over 50,000 square feet of gaming goodness! Whatever you are looking for – from games and systems to shirts, toys, machine parts, costume pieces, and so much more – find it among our  100+ vendors from all over the country! Remember, if you pre-ordered tickets, you get into the vendor hall 30 minutes early on Saturday, and for VIG, that’s an HOUR early!

Want to be a vendor at MGC? Sign up here!


Come to the show dressed as your favorite character from gaming! Come Saturday for a chance to win prizes for the best costumes when we host our Spooky Pinball Cosplay tournament! On Sunday, we invite kids to come in costume and show it off!


When the show opens, so does the largest arcade in Wisconsin! Featuring hundreds of arcade video and pinball machines, this is a room that you don’t want to miss!

Interested in bringing a machine to share and getting awesome rewards? Click this button:

Classic Gaming and Computing Museum

The Computing and Gaming Museum is one of the centerpieces of the Midwest Gaming Classic! Check out hundreds of different consoles from Pong to the PS5 and everything in between! Discover the joys of early computers, share the fun of hit games from the past, and check out the present of video games in the home!

Best of all? Unlike a museum where you can just look, in the Computing and Gaming Museum, it’s almost all playable too!

Pesina, Daniel

Daniel played Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Noob Saibot, Smoke and Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat I and II. He also was one of the Foot Soldiers in Teenage Mutant Ninjas II!

Minnich, Terry

As former Tricks of the Trade editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, the name “Trickman” was well known to video game obsessed kids of the 1990s as being the editor most likely to know all the tricks and publish them in the magazine!

Adams, Scott

Adams is known as the “father of adventure games” for being the first person known to create an adventure-style game for personal computers with his first game, Adventureland. His company, Adventure International, released games for many major computer platforms throughout the 80s. Recently, Scott founded Clopas, the “Puzzle Us Adventure!” company in 2017.