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Ticket Sales and Pre-Sale Ticket Redemption

Bring your pre-sale tickets to this door to get in, or bring cash or credit to buy your tickets! If you pre-ordered, you can enter the Vendor Hall at 9:30am on Saturday, and the Game Center at 9:30am on Sunday! If you are a VIG, you get early access to the Vendor Hall on Saturday at 9am and Game Center Sunday at 9:30am!

You can pre-order your tickets until the day before the show by clicking here, otherwise tickets are available at the door for cash or credit, and will start being sold at 10am each day!

Bright Eyes Cosplay Info Booth Open

Stop by the Bright Eyes Cosplay booth to learn more about Cosplay at the Midwest Gaming Classic and elsewhere! You can also sign up for the Saturday night Cosplay contest, and check in kids for our Cosplay Showcase on Sunday!

Demar, Larry

Larry Demar worked with Eugene Jarvis to design games like Defender and Robotron 2084 before moving into pinball where he is credited on the design and / or software team for many of the most successful pinball machines ever including the Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Fun House, High Speed, Space Shuttle, Black Knight and World Cup Soccer!

Hendershot, Steve

Author Steve Henderson wrote the new Undisputed Street Fighter book that takes you behind the scenes of the series’ rise. Steve traveled to Japan to meet with the creators of series flagship Street Fighter II, and tells the stories behind the evolution of the games and characters, as well as the stories of the players whose dedication turned Street Fighter into a global, tournament sport.