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Schafer, Brian

When it comes to incredible replica jeeps and island tour cruisers, something has survived… and Brian made it happen! Brian will be bringing both his JP16 Jeep (based on the movies) and Park Tour Cruiser 09 (based on the book / games) to share with everyone! Ask Brian about how he created these iconic vehicles

Park Tour Cruiser 09

When Brian Schafer decided to make this Toyota into a Island Tour Vehicle just like was found in the Jurassic Park book and video games, he spared no expense! Check it out and imagine what it would be like to tour the island in style and check out dinosaurs up close and personal!

Check it out online: OldhouseMedia


Did anybody hear that? It’s not an impact tremor… it’s JP16, Brian Schafer’s beefed up version of the jeeps that you can find shuttling rangers, veterinarians, and Chaos Theory specialists around the island to try to get them to endorse the park!

Check them it online: OldhouseMedia

Hudson, Ernie

Perhaps best known for his role as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters series (including voice work for the video game and pinball machine!), Hudson has appeared in countless movies and shows, and is currently producing and starring in The Family Business on BET. Mr. Hudson is expected to join us on Saturday, April 13.

Bischoff, Eric

As Executive Vice President of WCW, Eric Bischoff took WCW from a distant second to the leading wrestling company in the world for a time, while also serving as a major on screen character. After WCW folded, Eric shocked the world by agreeing to serve as the WWE RAW General Manager. Today, he records the popular 83weeks Podcast with Conrad Thompson about his time in the industry.