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Tabletop RPGs

Come and play many of the most popular RPG games in the industry! Experience a new dimension in Dungeons and Dragons with 3D game boards for the Dragonwars of Trayth RPG adventure series hosting multiple tables and events.

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Available Games:

B2 The Keep on the Borderlands, Begun the Kobold Wars Have DND 5th edition, Desperado Old West Skirmish Game, Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), GW01 The Legion of Gold, Heroes Call, Imhotep, Michael Fidley’s Giant Death Cannon DND 5th edition, Rise of the Dragon Queen, The Black Marshes of Thrallag, The Dungeons of Belar, The Lair of Gorlim, The Ruins of Lythar, The Shadow Crypts, The Temple of Trayth and more!

Johnson, Harold

Legendary game designer Harold Johnson will be at MGC with his company, Epic Quest Productions! Harold started with TSR in 1978 as a copy editor on the original Dungeon Masters Guide! Since then, he has designed modules for popular role-playing games like Dragonlance and Indiana Jones, as well as working on countless D&D projects!

VIG – Second Product Post

More details? We’ve got them! You get…
All the Tickets!

Friday Preview Night gets you into our 63,000+ square foot gaming hall and select displays early! Capacity for Preview Night is limited to about 5% of the attendance we expect on Saturday, so you can PLAY WITHOUT DELAY!
Saturday & Sunday Tickets visit all 150,000+ square feet of gaming fun when it’s in full operation, including gaming, meet and greets, our vendor hall, panels, and so much more!
Saturday Night After Party is the ULTIMATE MGC fan experience! Special interactive performances: wrestling personalities Eric Bischoff, Ted DiBiase, and Arda Ocal, interactive session with the voice of NBA Jam Tim Kitzrow, performance by Crush 40’s Johnny Gioeli, tunes spun by Vegas-based DJ T3CH, Brian Colin with his General Chaos shooting range, chance to play games the Nintendo GameMaster Howard Phillips, and so much more!
All the Things!
Boviunium Quest Game Badge… Wear it around your neck and it’s a name badge… put it in an NES and it’s a game… It’s the MGC Game Badge, featuring the brand new Bovinium Quest game!
Midwest Gaming Rampage Shirt! The characters from Rampage have come to participate in VIG and you better watch out! Brian Colin created this great shirt design that every VIG ticket holder receives.
Lanyard and Collectible Pin to wear your game badge and remember the event!
…and more! Additional specialized merchandise giveaways will be happening, and VIG ticketholders will get a discount on any other merchandise at the official MGC Merchandise stand too!

VIG – First Product Post

With the MGC Very Important Gamer package, you… Do All The Things and Get All The Swag!


Arlo is a Youtuber who strives to create a friendly, upbeat environment where discussion is greatly encouraged and bad puns run rampant. This includes reviews, opinion pieces, let’s plays, analyses, nostalgia talk, comedy bits, and anything else he feels like cooking up. Whether he’s offering a positive reaction or an honest criticism or a pained lament, lighthearted comedy is at the heart of everything Arlo does. His main focus is Nintendo, but he dabbles in PC gaming and other consoles as well.

Game Room After Party Silent Auction (Sat)

To help make the After Party even better for game bringers, a number of companies donate awesome things to help defray the costs of putting it on! These items can be parts, mods, upgrades, video games, consoles, boardsets and in a few rare cases, even full games! Not just does the money go toward making the after party better, it also gets you some cool stuff for your collection, often under the market price!

If you’re a company that wants to feature your products in this After Party and give back to those display and support your products at the MGC, please use the contact form below to get in touch! We will be listing many of the items that will be available before the show in the future!

Game Room After Party (Sat)

Want the ultimate gaming experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic, while also getting to meet the other collectors in the midwestern area? Then this party is for you! The ENTIRE game room is open, including the Arcade, Computer and Console Museum, and more! We provide complimentary food and drink tickets, and you get to play in a 63,000 square foot game room Saturday night from 8:30pm until 3am with *only* those people who bring the games to make the room happen as a THANK YOU for sharing your games with the show!

At-Show Discounts

Coming to the show and want some of the special things we’ll have as merchandise? Game bringers will get special pricing on the MGC NES game (including a special “contributor” cartridge color), show shirts and official show poster!

Game Deals with KingPin Games

KingPin Games has an ever-changing inventory of coin-operated machines for sale, including arcade video, pinball, touchscreen games, and more! If you purchase a game from them that qualifies for entry into our after party, not just do you get the game, but you also get free delivery to the show! Contact Chris at KingPin at (608) 393-2299 for current inventory and pricing!

Marco / Stern Pinball Machine Deal

The Midwest Gaming Classic, in conjunction with Marco Specialties and Stern Pinball, Inc., is excited to offer special show pricing on new Stern Pinball Machines set up for play during MGC. This partnership allows you as the buyer a chance to own a machine fresh from the Stern factory at a reduced cost, in exchange for the game being set-up and on the game floor for the entirety of the show. In addition, the purchase of a game for demo at the show qualifies you for a free weekend admission to the MGC, as well as free admission to the popular MGC on-site after party Saturday, April 13th. Our goal is always to have as many new Stern pinball machines as possible set up for people to enjoy, and this partnership with Marco and Stern allows for a unique way to create a win-win for all involved. Specific terms and conditions are as follows:

Terms for Show-Game Purchases:

– Games must be ordered and paid for in advance of the Midwest Gaming Classic. Note: Games will NOT be available for purchase at or after the show at the discounted price.

– Don’t delay in ordering if you are interested, as some games are already limited in availability. Availability fluctuates daily.

– Games MUST be shipped directly to the Midwest Gaming Classic.

– All demo games are to be displayed and set to free play within the Marco Specialties booth throughout the duration of the show (until 5:00pm Sunday, April 14th).

– Games must be set up for play on Thursday, April 11th. Buyers are welcome to set up their games, but if you can not be available for Thursday night, MGC and Marco reserve the right to set up the game on your behalf. (Please note, due to overwhelming demand, time was moved to Thursday night to ensure games are set up in time. Information was also sent to those who purchased a game.)

– Payment by credit card is available, but a 3% transaction fee will be added.

– At the conclusion of the Midwest Gaming Classic on Sunday April 14th (5:00pm), the buyer will be responsible for the removal of their pinball machine from the game hall and convention center.

– All machines will include the standard 60 Day Factory parts warranty.

– 3rd party game modifications are not allowed before or during the show (i.e. protectors, artwork, electrical, mechanical).

The following titles are currently available:

Munsters Pro
Munsters Premium
Deadpool Pro
Deadpool Premium
Iron Maiden Pro
Iron Maiden Premium
Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
Guardians of the Galaxy Premium
Star Wars Pro
Star Wars Premium
Batman 66′ Premium
Ghostbusters Premium
Metallica Pro
Metallica Premium – Monsters
Star Trek Pro – Vault Edition
Star Trek Premium – Vault Edition
AC/DC Premium – Luci Version
AC/DC Premium – Vault Edition

Please contact Aaron at if you are interested. SERIOUS inquiries only.