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Graham, Seth

Seth is a graduate of Southern Virginia University and BYU Idaho majoring in Illustration. He has worked on several comic books, children’s books, coloring books, video games, and tabletop game projects and has multiple publications. He has received a national award for one of his comic strips and is a skilled writer and artist currently working for Epic Quest Productions.

His art is featured on the RPG Module ‘Return to Tamoanchan’ authored by the infamous D&D author Harold Johnson. Seth currently resides in Wyoming with his wife and 3 girls and enjoys hiking, fishing, and painting while spending time with his family in the great outdoors.

Kyzivat, Mike

It’s those dastardly Kyzivat brothers, as George Gomez has dubbed us.  Well, one half of the dastardly duo anyway.  Hi, this is Mike Kyzivat.  I am a programmer here at Stern pinball and I’ve been with the company for a little over 10 years.  I was originally hired in 2007 and have worked as a support programmer, designer, and even voice actor on many games.  Some highlights include Shrek, Spider-Man Vault Edition, Elvira House of Horrors, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, Godzilla, and Ghostbusters.  I am also a massive fan of pop culture, which lends itself well to my line of work, especially in theme integration and writing dialogue.

Raftronaut (Jordan Davis)

Jordan Davis; also known as Raftronaut in dev circles, is a songwriter, chiptune composer, and Nes developer based in the Milwaukee area. The principal songwriter behind the show-stopping psychedelic rock band Space Raft,  Jordan developed an NES game to accompany the band’s third vinyl release of ‘Positively Space Raft’ in 2020 including chiptune versions of every song. Reaching its Kickstarter funding goal within 15 hours, the game went on to be a critical success and served as a launching point for freelance 8-bit game design and chiptune soundtrack composition. Currently working with X-ray in Cudahy to remix Space Raft ‘the game’ into an arcade-ready version for installation into the Arcade/Live Music Venue. Space Raft NES game available on Dusty Medical Records:, also find Raftronaut online at

Daniels, Dimitri (Jade Jackhammer)

Demitri Daniels a.k.a “Jade Jackhammer” is a Shaolin wu gong disciple to 31st generation Shaolin warrior Shi DeCheng as well as a martial arts brother to Master Daniel Pesina. An actor and social media icon. With 35 years of Shaolin gongfu training most of which at the Shaolin temple in China. An American real-life Liu Kang. Best known on TikTok for his drunken fist and chain whip skill he is called the Drunken Master. Jade Jackhammer co-stars with Master Pesina in his new movie MK Legends Never Die and has been working on a new TV series called Legendary Masters Council. He spends a great amount of time traveling spreading traditional Shaolin culture throughout the United States, China, and Europe.

Valuch, Mark

Love pinball? Learn how it works with Mark’s Basement Arcade! Mark has an incredible YouTube channel where he shows how to fix and maintain older, electro-mechanical pinball machines. Want to ask questions while you learn? Mark hosts Mark’s Basement Arcade Chat and Repair every Sunday at 2 pm CST on tvMGC on Twitch!


Raised by Video Games, Inspired by Metal (or is it the other way around?). Heavy metal video game cover act Gunderslam is a multi-metal subgenre instrumental guitarist and producer that takes your favorite video game songs and makes them METAL AF! Covering games franchises such as Zelda, Metroid, and Hollow Knight, he blends the original compositions with original heavy metal influences that combine to make a heavy mix. He started uploading performance videos in 2015 on YouTube and since then has moved to performing live as a duo, featuring Dave Norman on drums!

Bonus Stage

Our friends from Hair of the Dogcast and Premium Edition Games are here to share collecting trends, discuss what it is like to make games, and more! Look for lots of special guests throughout the weekend!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Play and Tournaments

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game has been extremely popular for years, and this year thanks to our friends at Imperial Trading Cards, we’re hosting some great Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, as well as open play! They will also be hosting friendly competitions here throughout the day!

Provided by Imperial Trading Cards.

Future Classics Stage

The Future Classics section features brand new games, game information, and FUN from developers and manufacturers of pinball machines, arcade games, new consoles, Steam, and even retro consoles like the NES! The Future Classics stage will allow those developers to share their ideas and concepts with one another and YOU, so you can learn about how the industry works now and in the future! Sponsored by JLS Gaming!

MarcoTV Stage

Stop by the MarcoTV Stage to learn about lots of different aspects of PINBALL! From how to update and fix your machine, to exploring rare games, to witnessing friendly competition on stage, the MarcoTV stage will have it all!

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