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Yates, Eddie

Hey there! My name is Eddie Yates, and I am a technical support engineer for Stern Pinball. I joined the Stern Family in October 2020. Prior to joining Stern Pinball, I worked at Abt Electronics as an appliance repair technician for 7 years. Overall, I’ve been in customer service and in the technology industry for over ten years. At Stern, I’m responsible for customer service, which includes diagnosing and advising on the repair of our pinball games. In my department, we reach out to all branches of the company. We work with programming, engineering, marketing, sales, as well as manufacturing

Harney, Imoto (Arcade)

Imoto does it all! As the face of MarcoTV, Imoto helps introduce the world of pinball to new players and educate pinballers of all ages! A positive force in the community, Imoto Arcade is there to cover it and share her love of all things arcade!

Legends of Valhalla

American Pinball Inc. adds their fourth game, Legends of Valhalla to their growing lineup of pinball machines for arcades, homes, and collectors. Challenge 16 unique battle modes where you can test your might against Viking Legends on your quest to Ragnarok, “The End of the World.”

Test your skills on Legends of Valhalla in the Midwest Gaming Classic Game Center!