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Nostalgic Critic: Becoming A Youtuber 

One of the most sought after jobs for young people today is “YouTuber.” What does it mean to be a Youtuber, how can you get your start, and what are some of the pitfalls and possibilities you should know if you’re interested in getting started!

Pop-A-Shot World Championship

Join Pop-A-Shot to prove you’re the best at the Pop-A-Shot World Championship! Hosted by the voice of NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, players will qualify throughout the day before the top eight players take to the stage Saturday night for an intense showdown with a $1000 cash prize on the line! You better hope that YOU’RE […]

Video Game YouTubers: Memories that Lead to Videos

We’ve got a lot of great video game Youtubers that will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic this year! Join our panel as they discuss where they find inspiration for their videos, their favorite videos, and various gaming memories! Panelists include John Riggs, Metal Jesus, Pat The NES Punk, John Hancock, Adam Koralik, and Patrick […]

MK 30th Anniversary

Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Kelebration The original Mortal Kombat was released 30 years ago! Hear about the development from the actors who portrayed the characters – how they influenced the development of the game, what they thought of the controversy, and more! Join Daniel Pesina (Johnny cage, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile), John Parrish (Jax), Philip […]

Retronauts: The Games That Shaped Japan

 Mario. Sonic. Final Fantasy. Zelda. Resident Evil. We all know the games that came from Japan and influenced the world, but what about the games that inspired those series? Jeremy Parish, Nadia Oxford, and Kevin Bunch look at the classics that Japanese audiences (and game designers) fell in love with during the early 1980s and […]

Nostalgia Critic: Why Gaming Movies (Usually) Suck

What is is about transferring a digital game to the screen that often leaves fans wondering what went so wrong? The Nostalgia Critic crew discusses many of the misses in video game adaptions, and what they feel could improve those films moving forward!

Saturday Morning Cartoons w/ Greg Peters and Philo Barnhart

Animators Greg Peters and Philo Barnhart join us to talk about.. What else, cartoons! They discuss their time in the industry, their different roles in gaming, and their history in making some of the most iconic hand drawn characters ever!

MGC Belt Challenge

Stop by the Garcade to challenge for the MGC Title Belt! Made by the same people who have made belts for the WWE and NFL, the Midwest Gaming Classic Belt is an impressive piece of metal and leather that you can strap on and take your photo with for defeating your opponent in a game! […]

Martinez, Randy

Randy Martinez has created official art for Lucasfilm (Star Wars, Indiana Jones), Marvel, DC, Aliens, Harry Potter, The San Diego Padres and The San Francisco Giants. Considered the Swiss Army Knife of Illustrators, Randy Martinez has been creating Cartoons, Caricatures, Illustrations, Paintings, and 3D art for just about every form of media and merchandise, since […]

Bunch, Kevin

Kevin Bunch is a video game historian and professional writer who specializes in early game consoles. He runs the YouTube channel Atari Archive, which contextualizes the Atari 2600 library in chronological order, as well as its companion website,