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Marco Pinball Trivi-Ball Pursuit

Marco Pinball will be hosting an incredibly fun trivia contest on Friday night that will feature pinball prizes, goodies, and more in between the Speed Connect 4ing and Pop-A-Shot fun that we’ll also be doing!

Arcade Alley

Get together and challenge each other on some of the most fun arcade multiplayer games ever devised! With any luck, this will be the first chance for you to check out our brand new MGC Arcade Game Library!

Multiplayer Console Bash

We’re busting out some of the best 4 (or more!) player games ever created on systems like the N64, GameCube, Dreamcast, 2600, SNES and Playstation! Come and challenge or cooperate with friends new and old to see how you do!

Orbitor 1 Tournament

At some point during the day, we’re going to head to the final release from the early days of Stern Pinball, and everyone is going to take a crack at this crazy game! Not sure exactly when this will fit in, but we’ll do it, and the winner will receive a fun planet-like play ball!

Speed Way Tournament

Take a spin at the Speed Way and win a BRAND NEW (HOT WHEELS) CAR! How high can your score go on this crazy 1948 pinball? Chances are, you’ve never played one like this!

Kung Lao and the Scorpions

Watch what the actor behind Kung Lao, Anthony Marquez, does when he isn’t ripping out spines and defending the Earthrealm, it turns out he’s the frontman of his own band – Kung Lao and the Scorpions! Mixing Bruce Lee with Jon Bon Jovi, this is going to be an TOASTY show you don’t want to […]

Mechanical Life Vein

This experimental video game rock group performs classic NES-era soundtracks alongside LIVE video game playing! At the mercy of their player will be playing the 1986 NES game Metroid, the band provides the soundtrack and effects like a malfunctioning NTSC 60hz sound chip! This is a performance you don’t want to miss!

Heads Up Pinball Tournament

We’ll have TWO of the same machine at the show, and you’ll be asked to start a game of pinball and try to get to a certain goal before the other player does! Can you knock them out in this incredibly fun head-to-head pinball challenge?!

Head to Head Alvin G Tournament

It’s a head-to-head pinball machine, and who will win! Each round, one will advance and one will get knocked out! Winner receives a soccer ball!

Respect Your Elders Tournament

It’s like a classic pinball tournament, but with only our oldest games! Play on all EM (or earlier!) games and see how you stack up! Prize TBA.