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MTG “Dan’s Way” Tournament

Dan of the MGC has created a way to play Magic where both players use the same set of old school Magic cards, and you get to play like it’s 1994 all over again… without the crazy power some of those cards can have. Not just is it a really fun format, it’s a great […]

MTG Kaldheim Draft

It’s getting cold in here! On Saturday, play with the latest Magic: The Gathering set to use SNOW, Kaldheim! Draft your deck and play it to get out of your pod! If you need help, our friends at Slypatch Gaming will be on hand to help first-time drafters! Winners will get additional packs of Kaldheim […]

Skee-ball Tournament

You’ve never played Skee Ball like this! Skee-Ballers will be tasked with different challenges, from rolling backward to rolling with alternating hands, and more!

Pinball Marathon

Can you play every pinball machine we bring to Game Nights? And score high? Grab a scorecard and some friends and get to work. Winner declared at 10am on Sunday morning and gets a prize TBA, does not need to be present to win!

Heck, it's Ben Heck!

Ben Heck’s Game-A-Rama

When Ben Heck says “I want to do something…” we say “YES!” What’s his Game-A-Rama all about? Your guess is as good as ours! Knowing his skill and penchant for the unique, this experience can only be what we would call Heck-A fun? Mind-Ben-ding fun? Heck-tacular!? No matter what you call it, you don’t want […]

Pinball Olympics

We’re changing up the way you play pinball! With different challenges – like avoiding a certain target or the game will tilt, playing with only one hand, playing with 2/3rd of the playfield obscured, not being able to see the DMD until the end, crazy flippers, and even various weird contraptions, it’s a new challenge […]