Nov 5-7, 2021; Sat: 10am-8pm, Sun: 10am-5pm

November 5 - 7, 2021 • Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 10am-5pm


4/29 - 5/1 2022; Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-5pm

April 29 - May 1, 2022 • Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 10am-5pm

Ben Heck: Single Board Computer Workshop

Ben Heck guides workshop participants in the assembly of a pre-designed single board computer based on the classic arcade and computer processor the Z80! The workshop is intended to teach how computers work, how they access memory and how logic gates are used to arrange memory. Each participant will get to take home the Z80 […]

Gamers (Who Happen to Be Women)

We put together a panel of some super influential gamers… that happen to be women! Jordan “Savage Giggles” Price was a NOS Sponsored competitive Halo player and has worked for various gaming companies for 9 years. Roxanne Adams is a co-founder of Clopas, innovator of engaging and immersive Conversational Adventure games. Erika “Verika” Philipp runs […]

Marty Goldberg Presents: 40 Year of the Atari 8-bit

Way back when BBSes and D&D were new-ish, so too was the first home computer aimed at regular folks – nearly 20 years before the world knew what an iMac was. Come celebrate the life of the Atari 8-bit revolution whether you were there the first time round, or not.

Arcade SuperGun Demonstration

PEW! PEW! Chris Dammacco of Windy Gaming explains the use of arcade superguns, their compatibility with arcade boards, and how to use them on your own TV.

MGC Museum Showcase

What the heck is that odd-looking machine?! Have you ever seen a Fairchild Channel F? A Coleco Telstar? Super A’Can? Join us as the museum team takes a closer look at some of the rarer systems and their games at the MGC.

Ben Heck Builds An 8-Bit Computer

Ben Heck, the crafty creator of computer conundrums, returns! This time around he’ll put together an 8-bit computer from its subatomic constituent parts. Hey, it’s actually rocket science (alright, they might be actually pre-assembled computer parts that he uses)!

Ben Heck Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial

Ben Heck, the master of modification mayhem, returns. This time he’s showing you how to solder stuff to other stuff! This is an invaluable skill if ever you’re building circuitry and eclectic electronic do-dads and whatchamajiggers.

Industry Professional Meet & Greet

The gaming trade has a lot of fascinating professionals to meet! Please note – ALL Meet and Greets are included in your admission price, however capacity is limited. For sessions with high demand, we will issue line tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis at the beginning of the signing. Those who step out of line […]

A Winner Is You Stage

The A Winner Is You Stage was described to people presenting as a stage sort of like “the guy selling knives at the fair.” It probably isn’t why you go to the fair, but once you get there, it’s oddly captivating to watch! Learn about niche topics, try your hand at trivia, or participate in […]

David Thiel: What’s That Sound?

David Thiel has been producing sound for video games and pinball machines since 1980, from the coin-op version of Q*Bert to the C4 version of Winter Games, and recent games like Jersey Jack Pinball’s Pirates of the Caribbean! In this presentation, David will teach you how to discover more about the sounds that your games […]