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Watch Out for Fireballs: Playing Creation with Mario Paint

Watch Out For Fireballs! is finding the fun in Mario Paint and games like it in this talk about games that let you make stuff! Mario Paint to Mario Maker to MTV Music Generator to Unlimited Adventures to Pinball Construction Set to RPG Maker, we’re doing an overview of this subset of games in hopes […]

Scott & Roxanne Adams: Creating Clopas – Small Town, Big Dreams

In 2016, a dream was born with the conception of Conversational Adventureā„¢ games and the founding of Clopas LLC in a small town of 14,000 people. Scott Adams of Adventureland fame, his wife Roxanne, and a team of ten gifted individuals formed Team Clopas and created their first game, Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the […]

Game Room After Party Silent Auction (Sat)

To help make the After Party even better for game bringers, a number of companies donate awesome things to help defray the costs of putting it on! These items can be parts, mods, upgrades, video games, consoles, boardsets and in a few rare cases, even full games! Not just does the money go toward making […]

Game Room After Party (Sat)

Want the ultimate gaming experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic, while also getting to meet the other collectors in the midwestern area? Then this party is for you! The ENTIRE game room is open, including the Arcade, Computer and Console Museum, and more! We provide complimentary food and drink tickets, and you get to play […]

Free 2-Day Tickets

Bring a machine to share, and as long as it meets our requirements you get your Saturday and Sunday tickets for the show… free!

Halo Custom Edition LAN

MaxKulik.net is bringing the party… LAN party that is! Pull up to a battlestation and enter the world of Halo CE, as you battle for supremacy on this landmark game!

MGC Cosplay Championship

Come see one of the most fun Cosplay contests around on Saturday night at 7pm at the main stage! Svengoolie and Bright Eyes Cosplay co-host this fun event! With prizes for the best male, female, and group costumes, and a NEW handmade category with a $1000 prize, this is a fun event to watch or […]

That Was Then, This Is Now

Scott Adams is known as the father of the adventure game, and was extremely influential in starting this fun genre of games back at the dawn of the home PC era. Today, Scott, along with his wife Roxanne are working on new adventure games with CLOPAS! Scott and Roxanne will be sharing his beginnings, the […]

Time Well Spent with Mr. Wile

Eric Wile had a major hand in the development of several extremely popular MMO titles such as PlanetSide, Star Wars: Galaxies and Vanguard Saga of Heroes. His crowning achievement is with the popular EverQuest franchise, as he developed EverQuest: Macintosh Edition. Find out about the development of these games, Eric’s role in that development, and […]