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Free Geek Twin Cities

Free Geek Twin Cities

Free Geek Twin Cities- We are an electronics recycling and refurbishing center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a mission to keep electronics waste out of landfills and repurpose it into usable technology. Thanks to the donations we receive, we can get computers into the hands of our community‚Äôs financially needy and help bridge the […]

Sega Pluto

The Sega Pluto console is ready for a work out and you can play it at MGC! What IS the Sega Pluto? An unreleased update to the Sega Saturn, the Sega Pluto was going to have internet support via Netlink and an internal hard drive right out of the box!

Retail Rally Live

Retail Rally Live!: Join Retro Rick live on whatnot, as he sells 25 beautiful CIB N64 games and one gorgeous Sculptor’s Cut cart at $50 each! Think you can grab one?

Going Wild with Whatnot, Part 2!

Seemed so nice, we had to do it twice – come by the Whatnot booth and flash your Whatnot username in the app to score a chance to win a $500 shopping spree on the vendor floor! We’ll draw the winner live at the booth, and help make a piece of their retro gaming dreams […]

Going Wild with Whatnot, Part 1!

Want to go wild in the vendor room? How about Whatnot spots you up to $500 to make it happen! Be at the Whatnot booth and show us your username in the app to be entered, and we’ll pick a winner live and go shopping!

GeneralMalice Going Live

Be sure to check out the amazing GeneralMalice as he streams live from the Whatnot booth. Top tier items, special guests, and free giveaways – there’s something for everyone!

Documenting Video Game History

Video games have a strange history when it comes to preservation, as many stories from the infancy of the industry have been lost, forgotten, or even purposely buried. We’ve gathered three of the top video game historians – Norman Caruso (Video Game Historian), Jeremy Parish (Retronauts), and Kelsey Lewin (Video Game History Foundation) as they […]

Gamers (Who Happen to Be Women)

We put together a panel of some super influential gamers… that happen to be women Imoto “Arcade” Harney is the face of MarcoTV. Erika “Verika” Philipp runs MilCog tabletop gaming with her husband Jamey and has been a model for different board games. Allison DiMichele is one of the top-ranked women air hockey players in […]

Atari 50th Anniversary

Hosted by Jeremy Parish of Retronauts and featuring Atari historians Marty Goldberg and Tim Lapetino. Harken back to the beginnings of Atari and what has happened since. Atari is a third-party company for Nintendo. Previously they were the leader of the video game market from 1975 to the early 1980s. They created systems including the […]