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Cosmotrons Woody Deal

Cosmotrons, the four player gravity based space battle arcade game from Arcadeaholics, is partnering with the Midwest Gaming Classic to bring you a great deal on their latest Cosmotrons arcade cabinet, the “woody cab”! This partnership allows you as the buyer a chance to own a machine fresh from the factory at a reduced cost, in exchange for the game being set-up and on the game floor for the entirety of the show. In addition, the purchase of a game for demo at the show qualifies you for a free weekend admission to the MGC, as well as free admission to the popular MGC on-site after party Saturday, April 13th.

Machines at the show will include the beverage holder and spectator screen options for the same cost as the base version of the game (a $600 value)! Also, there is no charge for shipping to the show.