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Daniels, Dimitri (Jade Jackhammer)

Demitri Daniels a.k.a “Jade Jackhammer” is a Shaolin wu gong disciple to 31st generation Shaolin warrior Shi DeCheng as well as a martial arts brother to Master Daniel Pesina. An actor and social media icon. With 35 years of Shaolin gongfu training most of which at the Shaolin temple in China. An American real-life Liu Kang. Best known on TikTok for his drunken fist and chain whip skill he is called the Drunken Master. Jade Jackhammer co-stars with Master Pesina in his new movie MK Legends Never Die and has been working on a new TV series called Legendary Masters Council. He spends a great amount of time traveling spreading traditional Shaolin culture throughout the United States, China, and Europe.