Comedy Shows

Comedy Shows

Catch 3 hilarious comedy performances at the Game Show stage featuring Ross Rooster Huff, Chuck Charles, Dean Berg, and Ka$h Money Karl!

Meet the comedians:

Ross (Rooster) Huff is a 90s child that never grew up. He uses a unique blend of music and comedy to get your toe tapping and keep you laughing. His songs resonate deep within your soul and range from Tinder dates to taking work poops.

As a father of 2 children he also reflects on his life as a parent. Ross will have you singing along to his catchy lyrics and getting lost in his ridiculous views on life. You definitely will leave humming one of his songs after catching your breath from all the laughter.


Chuck Charles brings to the stage his real life situations where he has found himself the butt of a lot of jokes. Normally the one roasted in any setting, the things he says on stage have probably been said in real life.

His inspiration comes from his ridiculous takes and views on life. A man (used loosely) that rarely takes things seriously and finds them at face value. He has thoughts, is opinionated, may be wrong, but he doubts it. All this adds up to the “World’s Okayest” at whatever he puts his mind to.


Dean Berg is an experienced performer. His comedy is fresh, witty, and is combination of storytelling, one liners, and observational humor. He has recently been labeled as the "Ultimate Comic" after body slamming his nephew Trevor in front of 90,000 fans at the Pontiac Silverdome.


Ka$h Money Karl is your new favorite comedian that not only always brings the funny, he always brings the money, and a lot of it, at that!

Making his claim to fame as America’s Fan Favorite on season 2 of ABC’s hit prime time show, Holey Moley, Ka$h Money Karl is quickly rising in stardom, by telling jokes, playing mini golf, and paying his way to fame and fortune. 

With laughter as an accepted currency, every day is payday with Ka$h Money Karl!

Let’s make it rain! $$$