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3D – RPG – Heroes Call

Venture to the founding city on the continent of Trayth where the latest abduction of nobles has occurred. The mysterious sign of the Scaled Hand is once again seen after a thousand-year absence.

The country is at war and the leaders have prayed to their gods for an answer. Adventurers have been chosen by the deities to test their skills and solve the mystery that seems to indicate that the Dragon Queen is once again on the rise in Trayth.

Battling Dragons, Stellaurians, and Evil Cultists, your group must find and venture into ancient dungeons, solve what is behind these disappearances and learn if an ancient artifact is responsible for the rise of the Dragon Queen.

For 1st level characters.The 1st of 8 full 3D adventures. Choose from any one of the 6 pre-generated characters.

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