Lame Dad – Evolution of Sports Games

Lame Dad - Evolution of Sports Games

Sports games are often some of the very first titles released with a new console and that is by design to show the graphical and gameplay leaps made by the console jumps. That can make it very hard to go back to old sports games but that doesn't mean old sports games suck. You will always find cheap sports games at the bottom of bargain bins but that doesn't mean they aren't worth your time. Playing an old sports game is truly a time capsule, as you get a double dose of nostalgia. There's your favorite team from the 90s with all of your favorite players and it takes you back in time. Sports games of the past had a huge component of local multiplayer and this is what led to friendships and fights sometimes, but as a whole it brought people together in a way that just doesn't happen anymore. LameDad is breaking down the greatest sports game of every console generation from NES to the current gen and discussing the trends that today's sports games have had on the market, and the industry as a whole, good and bad.