Pinball Power Pack

The MGC has been collecting an epic set of pinball machines to share! We're planning to bring the games you don't see often, as many of these had production runs of under 1000 games! Our line up is anticipated to include Full Throttle (2015), 3 Coins (1962), Viper Night Drivin' (1998), Big Buck Hunter (2009), Speedway (1948), Rob Zombie (2016), Orbitor 1 (1982), Alvin G Soccer Ball (1991), WWF Royal Rumble (1994), Rollergames (1990), Spanish Eyes (1971), Solar City (1977), Caribbean Cruise (1989), the Mandalorian (2021) and of course, the game that features C+C Music Factory, Lethal Weapon 3 (1992)!