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3D – RPG – The Shadow Crypts

The battle of shadow tower was a disaster for the Elves. It was there they were betrayed by the Dark Queen. The betrayal and divine blood spilled there caused the place to be a haven for powerful undead. The rise in power of Geryok, god of undead, allowed his servants to find clues to this place which exists in the Feyrealm, Shadowrealm and Kadar simultaneously, yet cannot be entered from any one of them.
Now Illera, the Elven goddess of war, urges you to use a powerful artifact to enter the Shadow Crypts before the servants of her rival, the Dark Queen, get there first and discover the ancient powerful artifact that she believes is there being guarded by a powerful Undead Dragon.

For 6th level characters.The 8th of 8 full 3D adventures. Choose from any one of the 6 pre-generated characters.
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