WWE 2K24 Tournament

WWE 2K24 Tournament

Are you ready? I SAID ARE YOU RRRRREEEEAAAAAADDDDDYYYYY?!?!?!? Lost Boys Interactive is laying the smacketh down and issuing a challenge to all you jabronies to see who has what it takes to become the Tribal Chief of the Midwest Gaming Classic in this WWE 2K24 tournament!

Sign up begins as soon as the doors open Saturday at 10am. SPACE IS SEVERELY LIMITED TO 24 SUPERSTARS SO GET TO THE LOST BOYS INTERACTIVE BOOTH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The Lost Boys Interactive booth can be located on the 3rd floor in the Game Center right in front of Future Classics.

The first 24 who sign up will battle it out in a play-in tournament that starts at noon Saturday.

The main tournament begins at 2PM and will feature the top 16 competitors from the play-in.

Semifinals will be held at 4:30pm Saturday near the main stage.

And then, the top two competitors will FINISH THE STORY on the main stage in the vendor hall at 5:10pm