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Flitman, Mark

Flitman worked at top video game publishers including Konami, Acclaim, Mindscape, Midway and Atari producing dozens of titles: WWF Royal Rumble, RAW, Maximum Carnage, X-Men, Wolverine, Spiderman, MLB Slugfest, NFL Blitz, Boxing, Dragon Ball, Simpsons, Batman, TMNT, Mission Impossible, Zoids, Yu Yu Hakusho, Steel Harbinger, Kings Quest, Pirates, Carmen Sandiego, Dirty Harry, Tiny Tunes and more. He then moved to Hasbro Entertainment to create toys over a wide variety of brands. Throughout his career he continued to write stories and screenplays as an additional outlet for his creativity, and is gearing up to release his autobiography, “It’s Not All Fun and Games: My Life in Film Production, Video Games and Toys” which will be out in Fall of 2022.