Who is Game Nights intended for?

GN is intended to be an music and gaming festival made for adults. While we are targeting the event for adults, we are not imposing an age restriction, instead expecting that parents would decide if this event works for their children. However, we are not babysitters, therefore all guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Weren’t you using the words “Lock In”?

Yeah, we were – but we had so many people that were confused and thought we were going to force them to stay that we decided to cut those words out. It was just a gimmick, after all. We’re still doing the same thing.

Will I need to be vaccinated for COVID?

We strongly suggest being vaccinated for COVID if you are planning to attend Game Nights. In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks will be optional. Hand sanitizer and other precautions – including strictly limiting attendance so distancing is possible – will also be in place.

This event doesn’t sound like the MGC. Why not?

We already run MGC, so if you’re looking for that sort of experience… you’re covered! The goal of Game Nights is to create a fun, party-type of experience for a weekend aimed at adults.

What are some of the things that make Game Nights different from MGC?

There are so many things! Here’s a few highlights… At Game Nights, we never close the game room, you can bring drinks into the game room, we feature awesome groups performing, game content may be targeted more toward adults, “Game Directors” call regular unscheduled tournaments, and adults can and are encouraged to ride the kiddie rides, to name a few.

How might you describe Game Nights?

The team involved in creating Game Nights has referred to it in some of the following ways: a 90’s fever dream come to life, a gaming booze cruise but on land, and MGC NSFW Edition. We feel all of these more or less capture the vibe we’re going for.

Wait! MGC NSFW Edition? What does that mean?

It means we won’t be restricting game content or language unless it is hurtful to others. Come, have fun, but don’t be a jerk. Or else we won’t let you stay at our party. It’s only for people who are da bomb.

Okay, I’m sold! How do I get tickets?

Simple! Click here and buy them… while they last!