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Gares, Jason

Jason C. Gares of 249 Studios & produces original documentary films and series that can be viewed on many video streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Plex and Filmocracy! His most popular work includes Beyond the Comic Panels, a great documentary discussing how to break into the comic field with comic book artists, Video Workbench, a classic how-to model kit hobby series, and Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, a 473-page eBook brimming with information about how to create award-winning plastic model kits and dioramas. Jason is also the Midwest Gaming Classic panel director (even receiving a Walter Day Trading Card commemorating his help in 2022!), and he shares panels from the show and stories behind them on the tvMGC Twitch channel with his show Jason’s Showtime Arcade Extravaganza.