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Raftronaut (Jordan Davis)

Jordan Davis; also known as Raftronaut in dev circles, is a songwriter, chiptune composer, and Nes developer based in the Milwaukee area. The principal songwriter behind the show-stopping psychedelic rock band Space Raft,  Jordan developed an NES game to accompany the band’s third vinyl release of ‘Positively Space Raft’ in 2020 including chiptune versions of every song. Reaching its Kickstarter funding goal within 15 hours, the game went on to be a critical success and served as a launching point for freelance 8-bit game design and chiptune soundtrack composition. Currently working with X-ray in Cudahy to remix Space Raft ‘the game’ into an arcade-ready version for installation into the Arcade/Live Music Venue. Space Raft NES game available on Dusty Medical Records:, also find Raftronaut online at