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2022 Artist Alley Vendor Application

April 29 - May 1, 2022

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Midwest Gaming Classic Artist Alley! Please fill out the combined application and agreement below. If you are seeking information about Artist Alley or have questions, please use our contact form first before submitting this document.

Contact Information

Artist Description

Please describe yourself and the works you will have available at the event:

Please provide a link to a photo of yourself for promotional purposes, images should be at least 800x800:

Please provide links to samples of your work:

Additional Badges

All vendors and their employees, volunteers, helpers, etc. must pay admission for each day at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Artist Alley vendor badges are similar to 3-day admission tickets (Fri Preview, Sat, Sun) and allow access to the Artist Alley area during setup, teardown, morning prep, and evening prep times.

Artist Alley vendor booth packages include one badge. If you need additional badges, please indicate this below:

Additional vendor badges are $100.00 each

Additional Services

Please make selections below if you require the use of additional services. Please note prices are subject to change and may be higher if ordered at the event.

Check this box if you require the use of electricity at your booth. Connection is a 20 amp, a 120-volt circuit designed for a maximum of 1600 watts.

Check this box if you require the use of high-speed wireless Internet service. This is intended for one device only; routers, switches, and hubs are prohibited. This service is subject to the terms and conditions of the Wisconsin Center District. Rates subject to change.

Check this box if you require the use of high-speed wired Internet service. This is intended for one device only; routers, switches, and hubs are prohibited. This service is subject to the terms and conditions of the Wisconsin Center District. Rates subject to change.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire Wisconsin Center. It is meant for basic web surfing and email checking. It is NOT recommended for mission-critical applications such as registration, exhibitors applications, video streaming, or any other use that needs faster and/or more bandwidth. For those uses, we recommend one of the above Internet services. Free Wi-Fi is not PCI DSS compliant and should not be used for card transactions.

2022 Artist Alley Vendor Agreement

General Provisions

The GOAT Store, LLC, referred to in this document as the "operator," is the underwriter and operator of the Midwest Gaming Classic. The term "vendor" is used in this document to refer to any individual, or organization, who wishes to engage in business activity at the Midwest Gaming Classic ("MGC"). The term "event" shall refer to the Midwest Gaming Classic as a whole.

  1. The operator, event organizers, sponsors, affiliates, volunteers, as well as the Wisconsin Center and its staff, sponsors, and affiliates are not responsible for any damage, or wear and tear, to any vendor's property including, but not limited to products (either for sale or not), demonstration materials (either for sale or not), or transportation equipment.
  2. Vendors are responsible for the well-being of their property at all times. While the operator will provide security arrangements for the event areas, the operator cannot, and does not, guarantee the well-being of any participant property within those areas. During setup and tear-down times, the operator will take steps to ensure only authorized individuals are allowed access to the event areas. During non-operation time periods, the operator will work with the Wisconsin Center to ensure event areas are locked. Vendors may arrange for additional security measures with the operator if needed.
  3. Vendors are liable for the well-being of Wisconsin Center or operator-supplied materials including, but not limited to tables, linens, chairs, booth space, ceilings, and walls. In the event of damaged materials, the vendor may be required to replace damaged items with equivalents or provide monetary compensation to the provider of the items for repairs or replacement items.
  4. Vendor placement is determined by the Midwest Gaming Classic planning committee. The committee places vendors in the best location within the requested zone for cohesiveness and functionality of the show. The committee will take location requests into consideration; however, there is no guarantee specific requests will be granted.
  5. The operator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit participation in the event and to deny the display, sale, or use of any materials which may be inappropriate from the event premises, website, or promotional material. Inappropriate material may include, but is not limited to, materials which are illegal, derogatory, of a pornographic or sexual nature, are political in nature or infringe on the intellectual property rights of another individual or company. If there is a question regarding the appropriateness of the content, please contact the operator ahead of time to make a determination.
  6. Vendor agrees the operator may share their personally identifiable information with trusted third parties related to the operation of the event and servicing the vendor.
  7. The operator reserves the right to prohibit a vendor from involvement at the event at any time for any reason. In such a circumstance not due to a violation of the terms of this agreement, the cancellation provisions will not apply and all payments made by the vendor shall be refunded.
  8. Violations of the terms of this agreement may be cause for removal or eviction from participating in the event and the forfeiture of all payments.
  9. Vendors wishing to sell food, beverages, or consumables during the event must receive special permission to do so; restrictions and additional fees may apply.
  10. Accepted applications must be accompanied by a $40.00 deposit to be accepted; this will count towards your total amount. If your application is not accepted, this deposit will be returned.


Artist Alley Vendor Provisions

  1. Vendors are required to pay for the use of space at the event. Additional items and services may be purchased separately.
  2. Vendors may provide their own tables; tables not provided by the event must be covered with plastic, linen, or other fabric, and be in good working order.
  3. All physical items pertaining to the vendor must fit within their purchased or allotted space; if any items are found to be outside of the allotted space, the vendor may be asked to move them and/or be charged for additional space. These items must be free-standing and not require additional support.
  4. Vendors are prohibited from moving their booth to a different location without prior authorization from the operator.
  5. Assigned booth space may only contain one vendor unless otherwise authorized; vendors seeking to include additional individuals, businesses, or organizations must seek authorization for each occurrence. Each additional booth occupant must submit a vendor application and be accepted.
  6. Vendors and their employees, volunteers, or other individuals associated with the vendor must pay admission each day of the event in order to access ticketed areas of the event as well as the vendor area during setup, tear down, and preparation times. Vendors shall receive one free vendor badge for each booth plot, or equivalent purchased.
  7. Vendor space will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis using the desired and contingency configurations designated by the vendor. Once an offer has been sent, the vendor must accept and submit payment in full by the deadline set in the offer to reserve the space. If the offer deadline is missed, the vendor shall forfeit all space, options, and payments; should this occur, the same space may be offered to another vendor.
  8. For the purpose of advertising and promotion services, the vendor shall furnish to the operator the following items upon request: doing-business-as (d/b/a) name or legal business name.
  9. The vendor grants the operator the right to use the supplied items for the purposes of promotion and advertisement of the vendor. The vendor grants the operator the right to make corrections, adjustments, or modifications to the above named items in the best interest of the event pending vendor approval of such changes.
  10. Retail vendors are to accept "show cash" vouchers from attendees as payment for goods or services. Each voucher may be used for payment up to $5.00; change should not be given. Samples of valid "show cash" vouchers will be available at vendor check-in. Valid "show cash" vouchers may be redeemed for actual cash from the official event merchandise booth at the close of the event.
  11. Vendor space assigned and not occupied by the vendor during the event shall be forfeited along with all related services, options, and payments.
  12. Any assigned vendor space which is not open for business, or does not have an anyone operating the booth, during the public hours of the Midwest Gaming Classic, shall forfeit all rights to said space.
  13. Vendors are prohibited from selling or transferring their assigned booth.
  14. Vendors are prohibited from running any kind of raffle, giveaway, or similar function where a fee or purchase is required. Any vendor wishing to run a giveaway must inform the operator in advance as additional steps must be taken to comply with applicable local and/or state laws.
  15. Vendors may cancel their participation in the 2022 Midwest Gaming Classic at any time. Upon notice of cancellation, advertisement and promotion services for the vendor shall cease and the operator may remove all content pertaining to the vendor from the event web site and/or announce the cancellation. All cancellations are subject to the refund schedule listed below.
    Notification Period Refund Amount
    More than 60 days prior to event 50 percent refund excluding application fee
    31 - 60 days prior to event 25 percent refund excluding application fee
    30 days or less prior to event No refund


Intellectual Property Provisions

The Midwest Gaming Classic believes in creating a safe and legitimate marketplace for vendors and attendees. In order to accomplish this, the following provisions apply to all vendors at the event:

  1. Goods traded or sold at the event shall be the original work authorized for sale by creator, publisher, and/or distributor who has legal claim to the work.
  2. At no time shall goods be sold which are an unauthorized modification, release, translation, and/or hack of an original work.
  3. Vendors shall not provide or disseminate information or perform services using methods or techniques which would result in infringement of the intellectual property rights of others.
  4. Vendors who have been authorized to modify original works may be asked to provide evidence of this authorization.
  5. If there is a question regarding the status of goods or services, please contact the operator ahead of time to make a determination.
  6. Vendors who violate these provisions may be asked to cease and desist immediately, ejected from the event, and/or forfeit all payments.

The following are examples of goods and services which are prohibited under these provisions; this also includes goods which are the result of prohibited services. This list is not exhaustive and does not contain all possible examples.

  • Unauthorized reproduction games
  • Unauthorized use of registered marks
  • Illegal circumvention or removal of copy protection measures and/or digital rights management measures
  • ROM hacking (e.g. alter images, sprites, text, audio, video, or other modifications/enhancements)
  • Undubbing / language translations
  • Fan translations


State of Wisconsin Sales Tax Obligation

  1. All vendors are required to complete and submit the State of Wisconsin Form S-240 to indicate their sales tax obligations, if any, at the Midwest Gaming Classic. For more information about obligations of sellers at temporary events in the State of Wisconsin, please see Wisconsin Publication 228 or visit this page online:
  2. Based on certain eligibility requirements, the vendor may, or may not, be required to obtain a State of Wisconsin seller's permit and collect and remit Wisconsin sales tax. The cost of this permit and/or related compliance costs are not included with vendor registration and are the responsibility of the vendor.
  3. For current sales tax rates in Milwaukee County, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Revenue web site:
  4. Vendors who are required to have a Wisconsin sellers' permit must have a copy of their permit present with them at the event.
  5. Vendors who fail to submit a completed Wisconsin Form S-240 prior to the event will not be allowed to setup at the event and may forfeit all reserved space, services, and/or payments.



In case any provision in this agreement shall be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

I affirm my electronic signature below indicates my will and intent to be bound by the terms, conditions, and obligations contained within this agreement. Furthermore, the undersigned certifies the information provided on this form is true, correct, and has full force and authority to enter into legal contract with the GOAT Store, LLC d/b/a Midwest Gaming Classic.

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