Test your might in the Pogtagon!

A Zany Pogs Tournament! Have you got what it takes to top the competition and flip it to win it all?

Pogs were a hit at the 2022 show, so we’re doubling down and slamming it into high gear! Check out these crazy Pog challenge events we have lined up with the first-of-its-kind rotating Pogtagon! You’ll flip your lid when you see this action live at the Official After Party!

Teams may consist of one to five players. Some events require all team members participate. Some events are individual events and teams may choose a representative for each. Players can only participate in one individual event along with all team events.

Players and teams will score points for each event they participate in. Prizes will be awarded for highest team total, highest individual total, most full stack flips, and more…

Tie Breaker Challenge (if necessary)

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