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Exit Loop NES Game (2020 VIG Game Badge)


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At it’s heart, Exit Loop is a super simple game. Pick up treasure, avoid obstacles, and get to the exit with as much treasure as possible. The path isn’t long – a successful run can be made in under 5 minutes – but the key is to maximize the amount of treasure you pick up without dying before you find the exit.

EXIT LOOP carries on the fun arcade tradition that we started with BOVINIUM QUEST last year. It reminds us of the challenge of a game like Super Meat Boy or N++, but with multiple screens and paths to get to a goal.

With only one level but so many different paths, options, risks and rewards, Exit Loop is the definition of a game that is easy to learn, but tough to master!

Please note, all copies of Exit Loop are sent without sleeves or game cases. They do include box, manual, and game cartridge. Game is playable on NES systems.