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Midwest Gaming Classic Silent Auction

WHAT: Midwest Gaming Classic – Silent Auction
WHEN: Saturday April 10th
WHERE: After Party – Gaming Hall
TIME: 9pm to 11pm


The Midwest gaming Classic (MGC) would like to request your support. The MGC has become one of the premiere annual pinball events in the nation, and this year will be held on April 9th and 10th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The success of the arcade portion of the show is due to the generosity of the many volunteers that bring high quality arcade video and pinball machines to the event for attendees to play and enjoy.

As a thank you to the collectors who bring their machines to share, event organizers host an “after party” on Saturday night. This party is the highlight of the show for many machine owners, and we would like to make the party even better with your help!

We are looking for donations for a silent auction to be held Saturday night during the after party. The money raised from this auction will be used to directly improve the after party every year. In return, you will have valuable exposure to the most active pinball enthusiasts in the Midwest by associating your company and products with the goodwill this event generates.

Our goal is to gather donations of arcade video and pinball related items valued at $50 or more to be auctioned during the after party. In return, we will display your company’s name and gift on the silent auction page of the MGC website in advance of the event. Each item will also be prominently recognized on the bid sheets, as well as at the conclusion of the auction. We will showcase goods or services of greater value in additional ways.

We hope you will partner with us by donating an item or service. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the enclosed “Auction Donation” sheet and return it to me as soon as possible. A volunteer will reach out and coordinate with you to deliver your items in advance of the auction.

Silent Auction Contributors

Silent Auction Items

$100 Gift Certificate (Cointaker)
Shaker for Stern Sam – $80 Value (Cointaker)
Shaker for Stern Spike – $80 Value (Cointaker)
Stern Pinball Translites – $600 Value (Stern)
TableTop MultiTouch – $250 Value (KingPin Games)
Speaker Upgrade Kit for Stern Pinball Machine – $150 Value (Flipper Fidelity)
Speaker LED Kits & TruColor Plastic Protector Sets – $100 Value (PinballBulbs)
Scared Stiff Crate Mod, Flicker Candle Mod, Spin Spider Mod, Skull Pile Mod – $170 Value (PinballToys)
Bride of PinBot Shuttle Ramp Mod – $60 Value (PinballToys)
$100 Bowling Party @ Schwoeglers, Medium Madison Pinball Hoodie & $25 in PayRange Bonus Play – $170 Value (Madison Pinball)
Glo-Balls Glow in the Dark Pinballs 4 Pack – $60 Value (ModMyPin)
Glo-Balls Flourescent Hot Pink Pinballs 4 Pack – $48 Value (ModMyPin)
The Walking Dead Custom Shooter Rod – $50 Value (WizardAmusement)
$100 Gift Certificate for Playfield Clear Coat Application – $100 Value (Ron Kruzman)
Custom Shooter Rods – $100 Value (Pinball Customs)
Leg LightUps Custom LED Lighted Leg Protectors – $85 Value (MustangPaul)
Mustang 50th Anniversary Custom Shooter Rod – $70 Value (ModelVisionary)
9 Ball Custom Shooter Rod – $30 Value (ModelVisionary)
Ghostbusters Ecto1 Lighted Car Mod Qty 2 – $200 Value (LerMods)
$100 Gift Certificate – $100 Value (PinSound)
15% OFF Certificate – $500 Value (Pinball Refinery)
$100 Gift Certificate – $100 Value (OneCircuit)
Magnetic Apron Mod Qty 2 – $120 Value (NinJaBoot)
Hobbit Translite Qty 2 – $100 Value (Jersey Jack)
Wizard of Oz Translite Qty 2 – $100 Value (Jersey Jack)
Bally Williams Coin Door – $145 Value (Pinball Life)
Metallica Mods – $300 Value (PinGraffix)
Cabinet Stencil – $160 Value (PinballPimp)
$500 Gift Certificate Restoration Labor – $500 Value (High End Pins)
Something from Lloyd – “It will be awesome” (SS Billiards / LTG)
America’s Most Haunted Playfield – $225 Value (Spooky Pinball)
RunDMD Clock – $400 Value (Digital Rats Nest / J_M_)
Pinball Art Print Qty 2 – $80 Value (FantasyGoat)