8-bit Summit

The New 8-bit Summit, 2023: NESmakers from around the world gather as part of Future Classics at Midwest Gaming Classic to show off new NES games, share development stories, and celebrate the 8-bit loving community.

Confirmed developers include:

Mike Behr

Adam Bohn

Dale Coop 

Jordan Davis

Fernando Fernandez

Joe Granato 

Alstair Low

Austin McKinley

Nate Peters 

Joe Sherman

John Vanderhoef


We’re looking for local NESmaker developers – if you’re a NESmaker and want to take part, whether you’re a seasoned professional with a finished game or just getting started tinkering with your first demo, we’d love to include you in The New 8-bit Summit. Contact to find out how you can get involved. If you’ve always been interested in developing for the NES, there is no time like the present. Check out NESmaker at www.TheNew8bitHeroes.com.

This year’s Byte-Off Awards, which celebrate brand new homebrews, will be held live. Many developers will be debuting new content. The event will host a first ever look at one of the most anticipated new NES games, Mystic Searches – come be among the first in the world to play the game. Check out a previous year’s awards show below!

For more information on NESMaker, visit their website at NESMaker/.

For more information on the Midwest Gaming Classic, click here to visit our Play page!

NESMAker, Make YOUR NES Game.