Game Nights Lock-In!

Limited access. Unlimited Fun!

July 2-4, 2021 • Milwaukee Area

Game Nights Lock In is a new concept in FUN, brought to life by the team behind the Midwest Gaming Classic! Encompassing 40 straight hours of fun, Game Nights Lock In is the embodiment of a retro lock in, made for adults. Challenge others to some of the greatest co-op and head-to-head games ever made. Witness incredible performances you thought you would never experience at a Lock In. Participate in awesome events organized by our Game Directors. Celebrate the end of COVID with an epic bash.

Game Nights Lock In. Welcome to the Next Level.


Put your token down to call next game on the best co-op and head-to-head games.


Find the best multiplayer arcade video, pinball and console games of all time.


Gather around a table to challenge others to some of the most fun (and funniest!) games around!


Challenge everyone! Our roving “Game Directors” will be regularly creating new tournament experiences for you to play in.


Our Fun Entertainment Center for activities and tubular nightly parties!


Take a chill pill during the day with movies, trivia, competitions, and more!


The party is unleashed with music, lights, and performances you could only dream of at a lock in when you were a kid.


Who is Game Nights Lock In (GNLI) intended for?

GNLI is intended to be an adult version of a classic lock in from the 80s or 90s. While we are targeting the event for adults, we are not imposing an age restriction, instead expecting that parents would decide if this event works for their children. However, we are not babysitters, therefore all guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Will COVID be over by July?

We aren’t epidemiologists, but we’ve been told by specialists the data appears it will be safe to host GNLI this July. Tickets will go on sale when we are certain it will be safe to host the event.

Will I need to be vaccinated for COVID?

We hope we do not have to implement restrictions on who can attend, but suggest only planning to attend GNLI if you are inoculated against COVID.

Do I have to stay up all 40 hours?

Gosh no, you’re an adult, and this event will be held at a hotel. We hope you sleep.

Are we really locked in?

No. Believe it or not, if you went to a lock in as a kid, people came and went from those too. You can pretend you can’t leave if you want.

What sort of tickets will be available? How many?

All GNLI tickets are general admission. There are no single day tickets. Attendance will be capped to ensure a premium experience for all attendees.

How much will tickets cost?

Ticket prices are being finalized, but we anticipate around $200.

How will tickets go on sale?

Tickets will be offered in this order to the following groups, while supplies last:

  • MGC participants (volunteers, vendors, game bringers, industry alumni, etc.) will be able to order immediately
  • Current MGC VIG ticket holders will be able to order approximately 72 hours after ticket sales begin.
  • All current MGC ticket holders will be able to order approximately 24 hours after the above group.
  • All past 2019 MGC VIG ticket holders will be able to order approximately 24 hours after the above group.
  • All past 2019 MGC ticket holders will be able to order approximately 24 hours after the above group.
  • Any remaining tickets will open for sale 24 hours after this point.

Can I purchase GNLI tickets sooner if I buy an MGC ticket right now?

Yes, however purchasing a MGC ticket does not guarantee that you can purchase a GNLI ticket. With this being our first GNLI event, we have no idea how quickly tickets will sell. To put it into perspective, if everyone currently holding a MGC ticket decided to purchase a GNLI ticket, GNLI would sell out. Twice.

This event doesn’t sound like the MGC. Why not?

We already run MGC, so if you’re looking for that sort of experience… you’re covered! The goal of GNLI is to create a fun, party-type of experience for a weekend. GNLI is intended to be a way to re-experience the memories of a classic “Lock In” style event, but with the added fun of doing it as an adult, and all that may entail.

What are some of the things that make GNLI different from MGC?

There are so many things, so here’s a few highlights… GNLI runs for 40 hours straight, you can bring drinks into the game room, game content may be targeted more toward adults, “Game Directors” call regular unscheduled tournaments, and adults can and are encouraged to ride the kiddie rides, to name a few.

How might you describe GNLI?

The team involved in creating GNLI has referred to it in some of the following ways: GNLI is… a 90’s lock-in fever dream come to life, a gaming booze cruise but on land, MGC NSFW Edition, and a wild time. We feel all of these more or less capture the vibe we’re going for.

Wait! MGC NSFW Edition? What does that mean?

It means we won’t be restricting game content or language unless it is hurtful to others. Come, have fun, but don’t be a jerk. Or else we won’t let you stay at our party. It’s only for people who are da bomb.

Okay, I’m sold! How can I know when tickets go on sale?

Sign up for the MGC Mailing List and follow us on Facebook as we’ll share the latest updates there. Want more info? Catch Dan streaming on Twitch where he’s been talking about some of the details. More to come!