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Industry Professional Meet & Greet

The gaming trade has a lot of fascinating professionals to meet! Please note – ALL Meet and Greets are included in your admission price, however capacity is limited. For sessions with high demand, we will issue line tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis at the beginning of the signing. Those who step out of line will not be allowed to rejoin. Industry professionals may choose to continue their meet and greets beyond ticketed guests, however this is at their discretion and we make no guarantees.
Guests who are signing items will only sign ONE item, no exceptions. Additionally, guests may choose not to sign certain items for any reason. No items will be provided for signings, although items for purchase may be available.
Please also note, not all industry professionals take place in regular meet and greet sessions. Many have their own tables in Artist Alley or the Vendor Hall. All will be identifiable with Midwest Gaming Classic VIP Event Badges, so if you see someone with one, make sure to introduce yourself and invite them to a game!

MGC GameShow

Super The Hardest presents the return of the most popular event at the Midwest Gaming Classic ten years ago… the GAME SHOW! Stop by to see a hilarious spin on a game show revolving around trivia, questions, gaming, and above all, FUN!


Team Subspace mixes visuals live while spinning Electro, Industrial, EBM, Bitpop, House, Chiptunes, RetroWave, and more! Subspace is a collective of video mixing DJs that mix music to a stunning array of 8-bit and pop-culture, cut-up, and found footage visuals for a mind-melting AV experience. Catch them spinning the finest Chiptunes, Synthwave, Retrowave, House, Industrial, EBM, and more at MGC, or at these online pages:

Mechanical Life Vein

Mechanical Life Vein performs painfully authentic covers of NES-era video game soundtracks. It will be ‘Mechanical Life Vein performs painfully authentic covers of NES-era video game soundtracks. It will be ‘life imitating cart’ as drums, bass, guitar, and sax play along to LIVE game video. MLV will leave no stone unturned: fanfares, invincibility, boss music, item grabs–even DEATH are all on the table! ‘Come out with your thumb out’ to experience Mechanical Life Vein’s seventh consecutive Midwest Gaming Classic performance! Check them out online at and

Bovinium Quest (NES)

AThe 2019 Midwest Gaming Classic VIG game cartridge is about as tough as a game gets! The top three scores face off on the stage, with the top score after one additional round taking home the prize! Prizes include a random swag bag from Piko Interactive which include Jim Power or 40 Winks soundtracks, Stone Protectors DVDs, 40 Winks N64 controllers and more!

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Cunningham, Archie

Archie Cunningham is a comic book artist and creator, painter, and art teacher who brings dynamic story telling to the page or canvas. Archie will be creating a number of original pieces for the show!

DiBiase, Ted

Often regarded as the greatest villain in pro wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase played the Million Dollar Man to great affect, headling Wrestlemania IV and the first SummerSlam! His character was also featured in numerous wrestling video games, and is fondly remembered to this day.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X – The safest, quickest, and most capable SUV ever also has a bonus for gamers… Atari games that you can play on the dashboard when you’re parked!


Milwaukee’s own mobile arcade returns to the Wisconsin Center! CARCADE arrives #PARKandPLAY your favorite games with its go-anywhere entertainment system – perfect for birthday parties, tailgating, company events, and more!