The information on this page is subject to change at any time; please check back often.


The Midwest Gaming Classic is committed to the safety of everyone at our event and is working closely with multiple health officials on best practices. Based on those conversations and direction we have been given, the 2021 Midwest Gaming Classic will operate under the following guidelines:

All guests 12 and over entering the Midwest Gaming Classic must provide EITHER proof of COVID-19 vaccination completion OR a negative covid test (independent third-party verified) result within the past 72 hours. For all guests 16 and up, a matching photo ID will be required. Independent third-party verified means your results will be sent to you by a different party, usually a doctor’s office, pharmacy, lab, etc. Links below to rapid tests that work in the city of Milwaukee.

Face masks are STRONGLY encouraged.

Need a free, fast, third-party verified test? As of the morning of 11/5, here are some locations in town that appear to have limited openings:

CVS Pharmacy: Click on the website, fill out a questionnaire, and then schedule your Covid-19 Test directly online! Many Appointments available. If you have health insurance make sure you enter the information!

Walgreens: Click on the website, fill out a questionnaire, and then schedule your Covid-19 Test directly online! Many Appointments available. Free for ages 3+.

Finally, here is a resource where you can look at many different providers. – Search for covid rapid test.

Additionally, we have taken a number of other steps to make the event as safe as possible. These include:

MGC Precaution List

  • Modifying content to include events and exhibits that can be enjoyed while social distancing, including new stages and demonstrations.
  • Show content will be spread out and modified where possible to encourage spacing.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the facility
  • All tickets sold through the Attend MGC page are “Forever Tickets,” meaning the ticket is good for one use at any Midwest Gaming Classic event for the day(s) stated. Forever Tickets are good until redeemed.
  • Tickets sold for specific events that lack the “Forever Ticket” option may require further restrictions. Please see the pages selling those tickets for further details or clarifications. These tickets are NOT sold through the standard Attend MGC page.
  • Pre-ordered tickets may be scanned on your mobile device; eliminating paper and reducing contact between people

We’ve been asking some questions, so we have some answers! If you have any more questions, please use the bottom of the page to contact us and ask so we can find out. Here’s what we know:

Q. I’m not vaccinated! Can I still get vaccinated?

A. If you have not received your vaccination yet, there is still time! The last day to receive the second shot of Moderna or Pfizer, or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson is October 22nd! If you have done that, you can consider yourself fully vaccinated by the time of the Midwest Gaming Classic!

Q. I am vaccinated! How can I show my proof of vaccination?

A. Proof of vaccination may be shown by bringing your physical COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, a photo of it on your phone, or a digital copy from a government database that can be matched to a photo ID. For guests 15 and under, photo ID will not be checked.

Q. I’m not vaccinated! Where can I go to get a negative COVID test?

A. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides a big list of places through their website that can be found at If you are using an at-home test, the results must be verified through an independent third-party to be accepted.

Q. I got my negative covid test back! Now what?

A. Bring the results of the test with you as well as your photo ID. Most test results are given through either a text message or email confirmation.

Q. Will there be rapid testing on-site?

A. We are doing our best to look into various on-site testing options, however, we have not yet found a workable solution. If we are able to, we will update this question, but until then assume that we will not be able to offer on-site tests.

Q. How will you be monitoring this?

A. We will have a team of people checking for either your vaccination record or for your negative covid test, as well as an ID. Once those have been confirmed, you will be issued a wristband to acknowledge that you have been checked. So long as you keep that wristband on for the weekend, you will not need to be rechecked. If you take it off, you will need to be rechecked before you will be admitted to any MGC event space.

Q. Does this policy include vendors? Special guests?

A. Yes.

Q. Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

A. Our job is to do things like setting up pinball machines and figure out where we’re going to play Magic: The Gathering. We are not your doctor, and we suggest asking them. We have spoken to both epidemiologists and our own doctors, and they suggested we get vaccinated. So the MGC organizational team is vaccinated.


A. This isn’t a question, but hey, we get it – COVID is scary, and we all wish this would go away. We’re trying to play our role in keeping everyone safe, while still being able to enjoy events like this. To do so requires following guidelines from local government officials, the venue, and other stakeholders about how we are expected to operate, therefore, we have these rules. If they don’t align with your feelings on what should be done, we apologize but intend to follow the guidelines given to us. Comments like this will NOT be entertained nor replied to. If this policy makes you take time off before returning to the Midwest Gaming Classic because it is [too strict / not strict enough], that is your right and we support you. If you feel comfortable coming to visit us, we’d love to have you!

Q. Do you anticipate that these policies will change before the November show?

A. Unless there is a significant change in transmission rates of covid before the show, we do not anticipate this policy will change. We have been told that if covid cases increase, the only difference to expect is masks would move from strongly encouraged to being required. The other thing that could influence this is if new laws are passed changing what we must do. We will update this page as soon as possible if any changes occur.

Q. Anything else MGC guests should know regarding COVID-19?

A. There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any place where people are present. As discussed, the MGC can and will take enhanced health and safety measures as directed to mitigate that risk, but as a place where people will be present, we cannot guarantee the event will be risk-free.