The following rules apply to all MGC Guests, including Dress Code, Weapons Policy, and Photograph Policy.


Your ticket is a revocable license. Management may, without refund, revoke this license or refuse admission for non-compliance with these terms or for disorderly conduct. You assume any and all risks occurring before, during, or after the event, including injury by any cause. You release management, its authorized agents, facility, attendees, and their respective affiliates and a representative from any related claims.

  1. The MGC is a family event. Appropriate language and respectful interactions are expected at all times. Additionally, appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. See our Dress Code for details on what is considered appropriate clothing.
  2. Parents shall remain with any child under the age of 10 throughout the show. Aspects of gaming history may be offensive to some parents. The MGC does our best to place these items in locations easily avoidable for families, however these games are historical and an important aspect of gaming to represent. We request that parents stay with their children, and avoid exhibits or displays which they feel are inappropriate for their children.  Unticketed children will not be allowed past security checkpoints without being accompanied by a ticketed adult.
  3. We want everyone to be able to play! Please do not spend excessive time at a game which other attendees are waiting to play. Excessive time varies by game and type, but generally means that the person playing shall pass their controller, spot, or position at a natural point in time, such as at the end of a credit (arcade video / pinball), end of a match, or after a play session is complete. Remaining at the game to have the controller passed back to you is encouraged. Failure to properly move on may cause you to be temporarily removed from the game in question. Continued excessive time on games may be cause for ejection from the convention.
  4. The MGC reserves the right to expel attendees from the convention if they mistreat gaming equipment, attempt theft, exhibit poor hygiene, or exhibit any other type of disruptive behavior.
  5. Costumes are not consent. Do not touch, hug, or take pictures of individuals in costumes without permission.
  6. Harassment with regard to gender identity, sexual orientation, dress, age, race, religion or lack thereof, political affiliation, or disability is not permitted. If at any time you are feeling harassed, please inform event staff or security immediately.
  7. Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside any part of the convention area. Smokers are asked to smoke at least 25 feet from any entrance.
  8. Open drinks are not allowed in display areas or near some displays. Please keep the drink capped at all times while in the display rooms.
  9. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any ticketed area, and are restricted from all displays. Any guest showing signs of intoxication (either real or pretend) will be asked to leave the event.
  10. Patrons may not distribute or promote outside products or competing events within the Midwest Gaming Classic without the strict written permission of the Midwest Gaming Classic. Vendors may distribute promotional materials only within their vending spaces.


The Midwest Gaming Classic, as well as the Wisconsin Center and our hotel partners, provide a welcoming, family-friendly event. While we love all people and encourage you to express yourself, in order to maintain a family-friendly environment that everyone can enjoy, we ask that all of our attendees follow these dress code rules.  If you are unable to do this, we will ask that you leave the convention to obtain clothing that conforms to these rules.  Any decision about our dress code by staff is final.

This is a unisex dress code. Clothing requirements are identical for all genders, and size/weight discrimination in the dress code will not be tolerated.

  1. Clothing must not have any vulgar language or images.
  2. All attendees must wear shoes of some kind.
  3. Carrying signs is not permitted for any reason.
  4. Nudity, or the illusion of nudity, is not tolerated.  This includes wearing sheer garments that give the impression of nudity, prosthetics that represent unclothed breasts or genitalia, of full body paint in lieu of actual clothing.
  5. All clothing and costumes must cover your groin area, nipples, lower curvature of breast tissue, the crevice between your gluteal muscles, and the lower crease of your gluteal muscles. There are no exceptions for fishnet shirts, unless there is an underlayer that completely covers these areas. Vests may be worn, but must be secured in a way to ensure that they will not reveal your nipples.
  6. Underwear of any kind shall not be visible at any time, nor should your costume make you appear that you are wearing no undergarments.
  7. Whether you are wearing street clothes or a costume, you must abide by the props and weapons policy, found both on this page and in the program book.
  8. Costumes must remain within the wearer’s immediate area and may not impede foot traffic or present trip hazard to other guests. Problematic costume pieces may include, but are not limited to tentacles, tails, fake appendages, and so on.
  9. Masks may be worn so long as they do not impair the wearer’s visibility. If the mask impairs visibility or the wearer appears to have impaired visibility while wearing it, the mask will need to be removed at any point where the masked individual is moving from location to location.
  10. These rules may not be broken at any time, including for any Cosplay Contests.


  1. Backpacks and bags are allowed at the event
  2. These items may be searched by security or event staff at any time


The Midwest Gaming Classic is a welcoming environment with thousands of gamers that come to share their love of gaming.  Because of that, we have come up with a weapons policy that must be adhered to by all attendees.  This includes items that may appear as weapons as part of a costume.

  1. Firearms (whether open carry or conceal and carry) are not allowed within the convention space at any time, with the exception of police officers and hired, approved security guards.
  2. Mock fighting whether with weapons or not, unless in a controlled space at the show designated for such activities, is not acceptable and is cause for your immediate expulsion from the convention.
  3. Real or fake firearms, as well as devices that shoot projectiles (including foam darts or water) are not permitted. There will be no exceptions.
  4. Additionally, the following non-firearm items are not allowed:
  • Props which are objects or may appear to be objects used to intimidate others with (bats, tasers, handcuffs, etc), even if not being used to intimidate others, are not permitted.
  • Props (metal or non-metal) with any edges or points sharp enough to cause injury.
  • Crossbows and hunting bows, even with functional parts removed.
  • Explosives of any type.
  • Devices that emit fire, smoke, vapor, or confetti.
  • Devices that create excessive noise or light.
  • Other weapons deemed to be a potential hazard for any reason (including large enough to be a potential trip hazard for other guests).
  • Any weapon prop that looks realistic enough to be mistaken for the real thing by a sheriff.


You authorize the Midwest Gaming Classic to photograph or record you and/or your minor child’s image, voice, likeness, and/or performance on film, tape, still images, or otherwise. You grant permission to the Midwest Gaming Classic to edit such photos or recordings as it may desire, and incorporate such recordings into all promotional materials that are related to its business. The Midwest Gaming Classic may use and authorize others to use the photos or recordings, or any portions thereof, in all markets, manner and media including but not limited to printed reports, books, screenings, websites, and broadcasts.

You understand and agree that these photos and recordings may be duplicated, distributed with or without charge, and/or altered in any form or manner without future/further compensation or liability, in perpetuity. By entering the Midwest Gaming Classic, you waive any right that you may have to inspect and/or approve the finished photos, recordings, or other materials produced in connection with this release. You release the Midwest Gaming Classic from any claims associated with the above release and you understand that under no circumstances shall you have any right to maintain any cause of action regarding the photos or recordings, against Midwest Gaming Classic or anyone else, by virtue of the terms of this release.