Arcade Hall

Play hundreds of arcade games… without quarters! You could even take one home! Details about buying and selling after the photos.

More Details

Arcade Video and Pinball Machines

Share your machine and get free admission to the show or show cash and an exclusive Arcade After Party invite! You can also sell your machine! Full rules for bringing your machine here!

For Buyers

The MGC is a great environment to purchase your first or thirty-first machine! Immerse yourself in our gameroom, meet collectors and sellers in person, and play before you pay!

For Sellers

Got something to sell? Selling machines doesn’t cost anything, gets you free tickets to the show or cash to spend on parts and other games, and gets you an invite to the exclusive after party!

Rewards and Arcade After Party

Saturday night from 8:30pm until 3am! It’s a party with extremely limited access that you don’t want to miss! See the full rules for bringing your machine here for more details!

Arcade Party Auction

Those who come back for the Arcade After Party also get a chance to get some awesome stuff for your machines, and also to help improve the arcade bringing experience every year! Proceeds from the auction go to getting all game bringers special thank you items, food and beverages at the after party, and the Best In Show Awards listed below!

Best In Show Awards and Ceremony

Join us back at the arcade hall at 4:30pm on Sunday to celebrate the best in show awards with help from the Midwest Gaming Classic Arcade Party Auction! Two awards will be given for best EM pinball, solid state pinball, dot matrix display pinball, other pinball style (screen or something else), single player video game, multi-player video game, gun game, racing game, best mod, outstanding original, and unique or rare game. These games will be selected by a panel of judges. Additionally, each winning game will receive $100 in cash! Both you and the game must still be present to win!