Do you have an arcade video or pinball machine that you’d like to share with others at the show? You’re AWESOME! And because you are AWESOME, we’re going to give you some AWESOME exclusive stuff!


For each working machine you bring that meets our requirements, you will get the following:

  • One three-day MGC pass (does not include tournaments Friday night) *or* $20 in Show Cash to be used at any vendor
  • One admission to the MGC Arcade After Party and all special events within!
  • Opportunity to sell your machines with no fees charged, so long as your machine meets our requirements
  • Special discounts on games, items, and more!
  • Chance to win a Best In Show Trophy!

Besides that, you help ensure the Midwest Gaming Classic grows and thrives! (And we’ll also have even more fun benefits to come!)


Please register your games below to ensure space and get any updated instructions. Then, follow these steps to bring and remove your machines:


Following these step-by-step instructions to bring a game or games to the show! between 10 am and 10 pm on the Friday of the show or between 8 am-9:30 am on the Saturday of the show.

  1. Upon arrival at the Baird Center, you (the game bringer) will sign in and be directed to the gameroom hall ramp.
  2. Once parked near the gameroom hall ramp, unload your game with MGC arcade hall personnel in specified “set up” location. To ensure a fast moving drop off procedure, you will not be setting up your game at this time. Instead, we will give you a “set up” pass to return to set it up after you park your car.
  3. Move your car from the loading dock, park it and come back to the gameroom with your set up pass from the usual, “guest” side of the show. Note: If you expect to have a trailer, please use the contact form below so we can help ensure it has a place to go at the show. Trailers may be directed to off site parking.
  4. Set up your game where the MGC arcade hall personnel directs you too.
  5. Register your game to get your “welcome” packet including machine rewards, and enjoy the show! If setting up Friday, we suggest that you return for Friday Preview Night – your game bringing gets you admission to that night too!

Game removal times are Sunday from 5 pm-11 pm. Game removal at other times may be accommodated by the Baird Center by paying a $50 “dock fee” to get the personnel open docks at that time. This is a per-vehicle fee.

  1. Pack up your machine and move it our “prepped for removal” area in the back of the game hall.
  2. MGC move out staff will give you a gameroom pick up pass. You will need this pass to return to the loading dock, so please keep it with you.
  3. Retrieve your vehicle and come to the Wisconsin Center loading dock with your pass to get access.
  4. MGC move out staff will check for a pass and direct you up the load out ramp. At the top of the ramp, MGC move out staff will further direct you where to go.
  5. Once you are parked, you may get your machine and start to load it. MGC move out staff will check your ownership information, and is available to help you load your machine into your vehicle if you wish! Additionally, we will have hand trucks available to help move games.
  6. Once loaded, drive down the exit ramp and leave the Wisconsin Center knowing that awesome you and your awesome game(s) brought happiness to more than 10,000 gamers for the weekend… WOW!

Please note, game loadout has been longer than anticipated in the past years due to weather. We have worked out a new weather contingency plan that will allow for indoor loading, expected to be more than half the total load time of prior years if the same situation arises!



    Machines at the Midwest Gaming Classic need to adhere to the following rules:

    • Any machine which is for sale must be turned on and available for play for free to all event goers during the event until the game has sold. Games without a freeplay option must have an external way to add credits.
    • Non-working (or “project”) games may be brought to sell, however these machines may be put in other locations other than the arcade hall (unless within a vendor booth), and may not have space to be set up. Non-working machines do NOT qualify for free admission, show cash or the arcade after party.
    • Cocktail machines may be brought, but do NOT qualify for free admission, show cash, or the arcade after party.
    • If you are interested in bringing a bartop machine, please contact us first to ensure there is space. Bartop machines do NOT qualify for free admission, show cash, or the arcade after party.
    • To ensure there is space for your machine(s), please contact us before the show with the quantity of machines that you are intending to bring.
    • If a machine is sold, resulting in it being removed or turned off from play, any individual machine rewards unclaimed on that machine at that time are lost. We encourage buyers to leave their machines on for people to play, and then the rewards remain in tact for the new owner!
    • If your machine is sold and removed or permanently turned off before 11am on the Saturday of the show, there is a $100 early removal fee to offset reward cost.
    • Games may not be removed from the show floor during times that the show is opened unless they go through the dock area for safety reasons. Times that the dock area will be open during show operation are outlined above. Individuals requesting to removing a game during a time when the dock is not scheduled to be open may be asked to pay a $50 fee for the employees to do so.
    • People selling machines should check our Participant Registration Forms.
    • The Midwest Gaming Classic organizers, affiliates, volunteers and the Wisconsin Center are not responsible for any damage that could result from loading, unloading or moving of any machine, or responsible for any damage that happens while the machine is at the event.
    • Machines are to be set up during set up times, as outlined below.
    • All machines must have their front doors closed and locked or otherwise blocked. Additionally, any access panels must be closed or otherwise blocked.
    • All machines that are supposed to be grounded must be grounded.
    • All machines must be registered, regardless of any circumstances surrounding the machine. All machines must have a small identification sticker placed somewhere on the machine to allow Midwest Gaming Classic representatives to be able to identify it.
    • MAME, Multi-Game or similar arcade machines must be approved by us prior to arriving at the show. If you have a machine like this, please use our contact form to tell us what games the machine holds so we can confirm that it is a legal game. If there is any question about the legality of any games included on your machine, we cannot permit it on our show floor, regardless of if it is for sale or not.