Ben Heck: Make a gameBADGE

Ben Heck: Make a gameBADGE

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Ben Heck guides workshop participants in assembling an updated design for his single-board gaming computer! The workshop is intended to teach how to assemble a simple computer. Each participant will get to take home the assembled computer (Ben Heck gameBadge). Attendees are expected to bring their own soldering supplies. Help will be provided so everyone is assured of a completed project to take home. Please note that the project must progress from the first step to the last, meaning people must be on time to do the first step. If you are late, you may not be able to complete your project.

Click here to see the project in further detail!

gameBadge Project Preview Video

Workshop Requirements

Emulator support requires micro SD card, not provided, please bring your own if you wish to install emulators.

This workshop DOES NOT PROVIDE soldering tools, you will need to bring your own, at a minimum:

  • Soldering iron, with medium to fine tip
  • Sponge/stand, for holding your iron and keeping it clean
  • Solder (lead-free or leaded, leaded is easier)
  • Tweezers, for holding small parts
  • Side cutters, for cutting wires and leads
  • Work mat (even if just a piece of cardboard!)

There will be a finite number of extra tools, but these are mostly so (Ben or assistants) can help people if they get stuck during assembly. If you sign up for this workshop, please bring the tools listed above so we can ensure you, and everyone else is able to complete their Gamebadge3 in the time allotted.

Skill Requirements

We recommend that attendees have *some* soldering experience before building this project or bring a parent/friend who does and can help them out. Ben and his assistants will help you if you get stuck, but we will not have time to build entire kits for people. This kit has been simplified compared to previous workshops which will help.