Mega Game Championship

Mega Game Championship

The MEGA GAME CHAMPIONSHIP is coming to the Wisconsin Baird April 6! Complete three diverse game challenges in Space Invaders (2600), Legend of Zelda (NES) and NBA Jam (SNES) as a timer counts up to see how long it takes! The top four gamers return for a finals hosted by Phil Moore where they have to go head to head for the fastest times on single game challenges.

Here's exactly how it's going to work: Each player needs to start a timer by pressing a button, pick up a controller, and beat each of these challenges (done one at a time):

  • Space Invaders (2600) - Player must score at least 150 points
  • Legend of Zelda (NES) - Player must defeat at least one screen of baddies
  • NBA Jam (SNES) - Player must score at least 5 points

At the conclusion of all three challenges, the player must put the controllers down and press the green button to stop their timer. The three times recorded are combined to give the player their overall score.

Top six players based on their time when qualifying closes at 5:00pm will move onto the finals at 5pm on the Tournaments stage! These players will then participate in three timed or head-to-head challenges with the same games to determine who is the MEGA GAME CHAMPION!

  • The winner will receive a guitar from Cream City Music!