Game Host Policies

Thank you for choosing to host a game at the Midwest Gaming Classic! In order to provide a great experience for everyone, the following policies will apply to all games and game hosts.

  1. Game hosts will follow all official Midwest Gaming Classic rules and policies, Wisconsin Center rules and policies, and instructions from event staff and management. Additionally, hosts agree not to violate any federal, state, or local laws.
  2. Game hosts are responsible for the security and well-being of their property at all times. The Midwest Gaming Classic cannot, and does not, guarantee the well-being of any items provided by the game host. Additionally, the Midwest Gaming Classic is not responsible for damage, wear, and tear, or theft of any property of the game host. If additional security is needed, please contact us to make arrangements.
  3. Game hosts are liable for the well-being of Baird Center or operator-supplied materials including, but not limited to tables, linens, chairs, booth space, ceilings, and walls. In the event of damaged materials, the host may be required to replace damaged items with equivalents or provide monetary compensation to the provider of the items for repairs or replacement items.
  4. All game submissions are subject to approval for appropriate content and target audience/age range. The Midwest Gaming Classic reserved the right to prohibit games that contain inappropriate content. Inappropriate content may include but is not limited to extreme or graphic violence, extreme cruelty, pornographic or sexual content.
  5. Games must be held as described in the game host submission as well as at the specified location, start time, and end time. Changes or substitutions are not permitted unless approved by event staff. Game hosts may only run one game event at a time.
  6. Game hosts agree to treat others with courtesy and respect and ensure players do the same. Harassment or derogatory behavior with regard to gender identity, sexual orientation, dress, age, nationality, race, religion or lack thereof, political affiliation, or disability is not permitted. If at any time you are feeling harassed, please inform event staff or security immediately.
  7. Game hosts should arrive slightly before their scheduled event time to ensure proper setup. If there is an issue with the location, please inform event staff. Before the start of play, hosts must ensure each player has a valid Midwest Gaming Classic admission and record the names of the individuals in attendance. Game hosts must also have a valid admission ticket for the Midwest Gaming Classic.
  8. At the end of each game event, hosts are required to ensure the table and surrounding area are clear of items and free of any garbage so the space is ready for the next event. Please notify event staff of any damaged items or spills.
  9. Violating these rules may result in ejection from the Midwest Gaming Classic and forfeiture of all rewards.

Game Host Rewards

Earn one of the following rewards based on the hours of scheduled gameplay you host:

  • 4 hours – MGC event shirt!
  • 8 hours – Saturday & Sunday admission for the upcoming year!
  • 12 hours – 3-day admission ticket for the upcoming year!
  • Over 12 hours! – Contact us for more rewards!

Game Host Signup

Please use the Communicate with us form below.