Midwest Cosplay Championship Rules

Note: These rules have been adapted by using portions from past Midwest Gaming Classic Cosplay Contest. There may be further revisions and clarifications made before the next Midwest Gaming Classic Cosplay Contest takes place. Please do not consider these rules final until this paragraph has been removed, or until the tournament has begun.

The Midwest Gaming Classic hosts it’s annual Midwest Gaming Classic Cosplay Contest! As the contest has expanded, we have decided to better explain the rules for all contestants. The Midwest Gaming Classic Cosplay Contest supports the following three divisions of participation: Male, Female and Group. There are no fees to enter any of these divisions beyond admission to the Midwest Gaming Classic.

Any entrant may choose to enter into either the male or female categories, as well as the group category. One of these divisions for the main contest.

I. Main Tournament – Quick Overview

MGC Cosplay Contest Rules may appear to be detailed, but the underlying idea is simple.

Cosplay contestants must register their costumes during open registration times at the MGC Cosplay Headquarters near the MGC Main Stage. This must be done before the Cosplay contest to ensure that they are ready to compete.

Cosplayers return at least 15 minutes before the tournament is set to begin in order to be properly lined up and checked in for their introductions.

Starting at 7pm, the categories will be introduced one at a time. Contestants will be invited onto the stage for a moment to show off their costume. During this time, three Midwest Gaming Classic Cosplay Judges and three Celebrity Cosplay Judges will judge the contestants on criteria including, but not limited to their costume, audience participation, and additional factors.

After all three categories have been introduced, the winners who receive the highest scores from the judges will be presented with the award.

Judges scores will not be revealed.

II. Main Tournament – Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for the male and female categories in the following way:

First Place – $75
Second Place – $50
Third Place – $25

Due to the Group Category being of an unknown quantity of people, no official prizes are awarded for it. Additional prizes may be awarded to any of these categories. Additionally, prizes for these categories may be increased or added to up to the start of the tournament. Increased prizes may not be listed on the web site, however whatever is listed on the web site is the minimum we would award.