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Muhammad, Fard

Known in classic gaming and Atari Jaguar communities as “The Ultimate Atarian”, Fard Muhammad has worked for Channel Awesome and Stoned Gremlin Productions in different capacities . On-camera, he has appeared on many shows and movies, including the Nostalgia Critic, Dragon Bored, Jesus Bro, and Disco. He also made appearances on Channel Awesome’s Twitch stream with his VR rig. Behind the camera, he’s been responsible for animating the Channel Awesome logo and the Nostalgia Critic intro sequence, and additionally designed the DisneyCember intro sequence. Outside of Channel Awesome, he has provided his acting, animation, and voice over talents to many videos and podcasts– most notably, he is the voice of the intro to the Dennis Miller Option podcast. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram (@fardmuhammad)