Call of Duty Ghosts Rules

Code of Conduct

In order to create a friendly and comfortable environment for all participants, the following Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced:

– Members will treat each other with respect at all times. No member will use comments about nationality, age, gender, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation to insult others.

– Members will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. There will be no taunting, harassing, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

– Profanity and language of an offensive nature will not be tolerated, whether on FN site or any type of voice or text communications. There will be no discussion of nudity, sexual content, use of illegal substances, or any other adult content, whether by images, text or voice communications.

– Members will not attempt to manipulate the game or ladder system in an attempt to give any player or team an unearned advantage. This includes intentionally killing one’s teammates or oneself.

Game Mode

Search and destroy will be used with the following game maps:

  • Search and Destroy – Octane
  • Search and Destroy – Overlord
  • Search and Destroy – Sovereign
  • Search and Destroy – Freight
  • Search and Destroy – Warhawk

The following rules will also be applied to the settings:

  • Field Orders: Disabled
  • Kill Streaks: Disabled
  • Join-In-Progress: Not Allowed
  • Intermission: Disabled

MGC “Second Chance”  Elimination Tournament Bracket

The MGC “Second Chance” bracket allows all teams to play at least two full matches.  How it works is as follows – if your team loses the first round, you will be put into a loser’s bracket for the second round.  The two winning teams from the loser’s bracket will have a special “play in” attempt for round three against the two winning teams from the winners bracket, but the team that is in the loser’s bracket must sweep the team in the winners bracket to win entry into the finals.  The finals are played without any penalty for any team.  In such a way, all teams are guaranteed two meaningful play rounds, while the timing of the participants is also respected.

Teams may show up as early as 8:30pm to practice or warm up.  The following five rules will be adhered to during the matches:

  1. Primary and Secondary Grenades are allowed.
  2. Secondary Weapons are allowed.
  3. Banned Items:
  • Banned Weapons
  • §  All Launchers
  • Banned Lethals
  • §  IED
  • §  C4
  • Banned Tacticals
  • §  Motion Sensor
  • Banned Attachments
  • §  Shotgun
  • §  Grenade Launcher
  • Banned Perks
  • §  Amplify
  • §  Gambler
  • §  Ping
  • §  Danger Close
  • Banned Strike Packages
  • §  All Strike Packages are Banned
  1. Using any banned item listed above will result in a forfeit of the round(s) the banned item was used in.
  2. Breaking of rule 3-5  may result in a forfeit of the game/map

All other rules including any potential changes will be discussed before the commencement of play on Friday at 9pm.