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Meet Industry Professionals

The After Party is one of the best places to hang out with some of the industry professionals that shape the gaming world! The Official After Party features people like Rampage creator Brian Colin, the voice of NBA Jam Tim Kitzrow, and Anthony Marquez of Kung Lao in official roles, but many of our nearly […]

Giant Games

Enjoy your favorite classic games, but… GIANT! Test your mettle with large versions of Checkers, Bags, Bucketball, Tower Topple, and 4-In-A-Row!

The Garcade

If you’ve got an After Party or VIG Pass, not just can you hang out at the stage, but the Garcade remains open for until midnight with all their great games so you can keep the fun going! Stop by and check out some of your favorites from Wisconsin’s largest arcade!

Tournament Zone

It’s the time for fierce competition! Face off against friends and foes on head-to-head games, high score chases, speedruns, and more fun stuff! This is the area for video game tournaments, and our tabletop tournaments are located next door in their rooms! If you’re ready to compete, head to the Tournament Zone!

Roman’s Properties

Roman’s Qualifying Coliseum is where you compete in your qualifying rounds for several console games. Jason Roman is a game lover, and realtor who can help you find the new home that will have enough space for your entire gaming collection. Find them on Facebook. MGC thanks Roman Properties, for helping us to upgrade our […]

Arcade Manufacturer Showcase

See all the latest and greatest coin-op and home arcade games from the biggest manufacturers including Stern Pinball, American Pinball, Raw Thrills, Spooky Pinball, Chicago Gaming, Skee-Ball, Jersey Jack Pinball, and many others! Then, find out how to bring your favorite game to your home or arcade from the manufacturers and distributors on site!

Garaoke Karaoke

Come belt out the tunes in the Garcade space on Preview Night! Will you catch Pac-Man Fever or belt out the hits?

Versiti Blood Drive

Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin will be on-site accepting donations of blood.

Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory

Wait, like the music group? The one that made us move and groove and everybody dance now?! Yes. Nuff’ Said. No? OK, they’re known for songs like “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)“, “Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll)“, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…“, “Just a Touch of Love“, and “Keep It […]

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X – The safest, quickest, and most capable SUV ever also has a bonus for gamers… Atari games that you can play on the dashboard when you’re parked!