Clock Chaos

This clock… is worth millions.

Clock Chaos is the signature warm up event for the Midwest Gaming Classic! A new concept in tournaments, Clock Chaos has been created to provide pros and new players alike an awesome pinball tournament to participate in for a few hours on Friday night.  Tournament slots are pre-assigned by choosing a slot after you purchase your tickets (while slots are available!)

How It Works

Time is a one-way street… except in the Twilight Zone.

Clock Chaos focuses on players being able to play well on multiple machines from all eras when combined against other players. Players are assigned a start time and will then make one attempt on the games that have been selected for the tournament. When all players are done, players scores will be compared and the top 12 qualifiers will return to replay ONE game.

The number of games involved in Clock Chaos will not be revealed until the start of the tournament to ensure all tournament equipment is ready for the tournament, however at least one EM, one solid state pre DMD and one DMD era machine will be present in a line up of at least five machines.

The top 12 qualifiers will be tracked at the Clock Chaos scoring table. Those qualifiers are invited back to compete in the “13th Hour”. For the 13th hour, the top 12 players get one final chance that will either haunt them forever… or put them on the top of the rankings! Starting with the 12th ranked player, each player gets to make the choice to replay one of their entries. If the player’s replay improves their score, the player gets ranked with the new score. If not, the player gets ranked with their original score.

What You Can Win

The stakes are higher… in the Twilight Zone.

Just kidding! Our tournaments are for fun! The winners will get certificates!

How To Participate

It seems that one of life’s payoffs is ahead.

All participants must pre-register for Clock Chaos after the purchase of their VIG ticket, while supplies last.

Scoring Example

Are you ready to battle? Feel lucky?

Player pre-registers for Clock Chaos and arrives at the tournament at their pre-selected time, receiving their scorecard. Player plays one game on each of the machines. At the end of the the machines, player receives points based on their ranking for the the games totaling 285 points. If this score is one of the top 12, the player will move on to the final round where they get to replay one of their previous games.

Malfunctions and Rulings

This shot requires skill… super skill.

For all other Clock Chaos rules regarding malfunctions and rulings, please see the Midwest Pinball Championship rules section “VII. Malfunctions and Rulings” as the same rules apply to this tournament.