Dr. Mario Championship

Dr. Mario Championship

Compete with others to prescribe the correct dose of medicine in the puzzle game classic, Dr. Mario! Proof of Ph.D. required. Not really, but it would be kinda funny if you were actually a doctor. Pool play Sunday 10:00am - 12:30pm. Brackets start Sunday at 12:30pm.

The DrMC (Dr. Mario Championship) is extremely happy to debut at the Midwest Gaming Classic for the DrMC Wisconsin Regional. The Dr. Mario competitive scene has grown quite a lot over the past few years, and running live tournaments across the country will only help us continue to grow.

General rules

The goal of a regional tournament is to be an inviting environment for new players to come play Dr. Mario against a fresh set of competitors.  Therefore we want to encourage players of all skill levels to play multiple matches in a fun social setting.  

Qualifying rounds will be conducted by pools.  Players sign up for the tournament by checking in with tournament staff.  After signup, players will be assigned to a qualifying pool of four players.  We will try to fill these pools as soon as possible, but staff will be mindful of the composition of pools. We will avoid putting families/friends together and also avoid putting multiple DrMC veterans in the same pool groups. 

Once a pool has been constructed, those four players will play a series of games in a round robin format.  Each player will play two games (crowns) against every other player in the pool.  At the conclusion of the pool, each player will have played six games.  Every player with a winning record in their pool will qualify for the knockout round later in the day.  

Once we reach the qualifying round cutoff time (12:30), a knockout bracket will be constructed among players who have qualified.  Tournament organizers will loosely seed players based on their record in pool play and their performance in previous DrMC events.  Seeds will be created subjectively to ensure better matchups in later rounds in the tournament.  Since we will not know how many players will participate, the size of the tournament bracket is subject to change, but we do not anticipate the bracket being any larger than 24 players. 

Qualifying rounds will be played at Level 11/Medium speed, while knockout rounds will be played at Level 14/Hi Speed.  If the bracket exceeds 16 players, early play-in rounds will use Level 5/Hi Speed until the bracket is reduced to 16 players.  Knockout matches will be a traditional best 3-out-of-5 Dr. Mario matches, and the bracket will be single elimination.

The winner of the DrMC Wisconsin regional will get free admission to the 2024 DrMC Grand Championship and a cash prize (to be determined closer to the event).