Register for a booth in our Game Center, see below for how to apply as a vendor.


Our goal is to provide a diverse offering of vendors selling gaming-related goods and services. Ready to join us? See below for our application process.



How to Apply

Please read our Game Center packet before applying. The packet contains details on our booth offerings as well as rules all vendors must abide.

Potential vendors will be notified on an ongoing basis via e-mail (please whitelist and to avoid our messages going to spam/junk). Once accepted, vendors must send an e-mail reply within 72 hours to confirm acceptance of the vendor space offer and submit booth payment within 15 days of notification.



Booth Details

Booth spaces are sold in multiples of 10ft by 10ft booths.

All booths are designed as ala carte or build-your-own-booth with the goal of only charging vendors what is needed for their booth. This allows us to be highly competitive and affordable with our booth offerings.

Booths start with empty floor space. Tables and chairs are not included but you can rent these through us, or bring your own! Additionally, access to power and Internet services through the venue may be purchased.

We will work with you to determine the exact placement within the Game Center based on your offerings.

Important Details

  • Game Center applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable $50 fee to be considered. This fee will be returned if we are unable to offer vendor space.
  • All Game Center vendors must have an interactive component to their booth.
  • All physical items pertaining to the vendor must fit within their booth space with a maximum height of 12 feet.
  • Vendors are expected to operate their booth for the entire duration of the event on Friday Preview Night, Saturday, and Sunday. Leaving before the close of the event is not permitted unless special permission is given.
  • Game Center vendors who also bring arcade machines are not eligible for machine rewards.
  • We do not allow booth sharing; each vendor must apply and be accepted separately.
  • Vendor booths are not transferrable; booths may not be given, resold, or sublet to any other parties.
  • All booths must be occupied during the public hours of the event.
  • All goods and services sold must be legally permitted to be sold in the United States and the State of Wisconsin. Items may not violate the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Vendors who wish to sell any food item, snacks, beverages, etc. must contract through the Wisconsin Center and Levy Restaurants prior to the event.
  • Vendors are responsible for determining their sales tax requirements for the State of Wisconsin; we are required to collect the information from all vendors and exhibitors.
  • Midwest Gaming Classic announcements will be made from our official social media websites as well as e-mail. Please review our social media regularly to stay informed.

View the complete vendor agreement in our game center packet for all rules and obligations of vendors.

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