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Marco Pinball Trivi-Ball Pursuit

Marco Pinball will be hosting an incredibly fun trivia contest on Friday night that will feature pinball prizes, goodies, and more in between the Speed Connect 4ing and Pop-A-Shot fun that we’ll also be doing!

Orbitor 1 Tournament

At some point during the day, we’re going to head to the final release from the early days of Stern Pinball, and everyone is going to take a crack at this crazy game! Not sure exactly when this will fit in, but we’ll do it, and the winner will receive a fun planet-like play ball!

Speed Way Tournament

Take a spin at the Speed Way and win a BRAND NEW (HOT WHEELS) CAR! How high can your score go on this crazy 1948 pinball? Chances are, you’ve never played one like this!

Heads Up Pinball Tournament

We’ll have TWO of the same machine at the show, and you’ll be asked to start a game of pinball and try to get to a certain goal before the other player does! Can you knock them out in this incredibly fun head-to-head pinball challenge?!

Head to Head Alvin G Tournament

It’s a head-to-head pinball machine, and who will win! Each round, one will advance and one will get knocked out! Winner receives a soccer ball!

Respect Your Elders Tournament

It’s like a classic pinball tournament, but with only our oldest games! Play on all EM (or earlier!) games and see how you stack up! Prize TBA.

Speed Connect 4ing

We’ve got a giant connect four, and you’ll play it on stage… with only 5 seconds in between each move to drop your piece in or your opponent gets to go! It’s high speed connecting with all the pressure on! Prize TBA.

Micro Machines V3 Challenge

It’s an 8 player Micro Machines game! Challenge 7 others in this incredibly fun game and see who can make it around the track! Best players move on, and the winner gets a BRAND NEW (HOT WHEELS) CAR!

Were is the Werewolf?

Are YOU a Werewolf? In this game of deception, you are secretly assigned roles and try to figure out who the Werewolfs are during the day before they eat all the other players (Villagers) at night! Who will YOU be? We used to have EPIC games of this at the Sheraton, so we can’t wait […]

Biggest Balls Tournament

After a qualifying round of pinball, the top 16 scores face off with an ever-increasing size of balls! 8 players will get knocked out playing Skee-Ball, and then Pop-A-Shot will again trim the field in half to four, with the final four having a wacky physical challenge to see who wins! Winner gets a giant […]