2020 Sucked, Help Now

Speed Way Tournament

Take a spin at the Speed Way and win a BRAND NEW (HOT WHEELS) CAR! How high can your score go on this crazy 1948 pinball? Chances are, you’ve never played one like this!

Exit Loop One Loop Tournament

You get one chance to make it to the bottom of this MGC release without dying. ONE. CHANCE. It’s hard. Highest score wins a MGC poster package!

Rush 2049 Stunt Tournament

lay Rush 2049’s Stunt mode for high scores! Qualify by playing throughout the weekend and getting one of the top 4 scores! The top four face off Saturday night in three rounds to prove they are the best at flipping, flying, rolling, and not blowing up! Prize TBD. 

Route Machine Tournament

So it might not be level, the rubbers might be old and cracked, and some switches and lights might be out, but darn it, the public won’t notice, right? Play on our (purposely) half done machine to prove you can earn a free game from a (pretend) operator who doesn’t care! Prize TBA

2v2 Arcade Video Tournament

Take to the virtual sand with a partner to bump, set and spike with them against others! Teams will play in a single elimination tournament where the winner gets a volleyball!

Head to Head Alvin G Tournament

It’s a head-to-head pinball machine, and who will win! Each round, one will advance and one will get knocked out! Winner receives a soccer ball!

Pop-A-Shot Tournament

Sign up to face off in a head to head Pop-A-Shot tournament! Each round, one will advance and one will get knocked out! Winners receive special Game Nights stickers and other fun stuff, courtesy of Pop-A-Shot!

Respect Your Elders Tournament

It’s like a classic pinball tournament, but with only our oldest games! Play on all EM (or earlier!) games and see how you stack up! Prize TBA.