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Bowden, Steve

Steve is the Sales and Marketing Manager at American Pinball working social media, helping distributors, and assisting with implementation of game rulesets. He is also among the top competitive pinball players in the world and has received a following for his tournament commentary as well as for his pinball news website, Fun with Bonus. 

Engler, Barry

Barry is the Production Manager for American Pinball, overseeing parts, building, QC, and shipping of American Pinball machines. He has been working within the pinball industry since 1990 starting as an operator prior to coming to work on the manufacturing side in 2018.

Senesac, Max

Max Senesac- Max is a Sales Associate at American Pinball hailing from Milwaukee. He works with distributors, shipping tasks, and is the face at the American front desk/voice on the main phone line.

Fix, David

David is the Executive Vice President of American Pinball, overseeing all business and production operations. He has been involved in the pinball and gaming industry for over 20 years, including his role as Vendor Hall Chairman for the Chicago Pinball Expo. 

Seiden, Mark

Mark Seiden created a homebrew pinball game based on the video game Metroid. In 2021 he joined Jersey Jack Pinball as their newest game designer. He has been apprenticing under Steve Ritchie and has started his first independent game design.

Danger, Jack

Jack Danger is the eccentric and enthusiastic host of the award-winning Pinball broadcast, DeadFlip on Twitch! A daily live-stream focusing on Pinball that was only meant to be a fun side project, but today is the largest visual outlet for Pinball game launches, tutorials, and entertainment.  Danger is also Stern Pinball’s newest Pinball Designer, and already has a […]

Official After Party!

When the show goes dark, the stage lights up for an after party extravaganza! Join us for after hours games, tournaments, entertainment and refreshments. This exclusive event is a separate ticketed event included with our VIG package or as a standalone ticket. Get yours now! After Party Entertainment includes Lords of the Trident, Scott Danesi, […]

Kolodziej, Kevin

Kevin joined Stern’s Product Development team as a Mechanical Engineer in December of 2021. He has been playing pinball as long as he can remember and has always been fascinated by how the insides of a machine work. While working with pinball machines was not something he realized could become a career until recently, his […]

Gomez, George

George leads the game design studio. He has spent his entire career creating entertainment products. His diverse portfolio includes early 80’s video arcade games, consumer toys, redemption novelty games, PlayStation and XBOX video games and Williams and Bally pinball machines, including hits such as Monster Bash and Pinball 2000 Revenge From Mars. He first worked with Stern pinball […]

Sharpe, Zach

Zach of all trades, master of all things pinball! Director of Marketing for Stern Pinball. Vice President of the International Flipper Pinball Association. Former #1 ranked competitive pinball player in the world. To say I was born into the world of pinball would be an understatement. To say I love my job working in the […]